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Thread: De Blob game underway at THQ

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    De Blob game underway at THQ

    Faced with the excellent results of their new license Blob, THQ is already preparing one or more suites in this game that allows you to restore a little color in your life. Remember that the title of THQ has sold more than Wario Land: The Shake Dimension for Nintendo (which is no mean ...), and it is therefore normal that the U.S. publisher capitalize on successful and with this new license. A spokesperson for THQ has given IGN: "We are delighted with the performance of Blob in the world. This is an excellent IP (Intellectual Property or license) and you can tell your readers that they can expect to see more of Blob in the future. "That is fact.

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    Re: De Blob game underway at THQ

    Given at the public wii, no wonder they leave a series ... It will sell like hot cakes and since the cost of developing the game should be minimal

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    Re: De Blob game underway at THQ

    At first this game deserves its success .... it is spawning, and pretty fun!

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