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Thread: Alone in the Dark - controller?

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    Alone in the Dark - controller?

    Hi all
    i am currently using a ps2 controller on my pc, and i would like to know if there´s any way to use the ps2 controller in Alone in the dark 5. When I try to use it, it doesn't respond. In other games such as Assassins creed, DMC4, flatout etc it runs great.

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    Re: Alone in the Dark

    Yup same with me ps2 controller doesnt work with alone in thedark4, but other games like Assassin's creed, PES2009, GRID etc works fine.... btw i even bought Dual action logitech but when playing silent hill:home coming it can't turn left or right, after few minutes setting it can turn left-right but when u play SH again next, it cant turn left-right again!! how frustrated i was....

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    XBOX 360 Controller emulator v1.1 for PC games using XINPUT

    worked for me (XBOX 360 Controller emulator v1.1 for PC games using XINPUT)

    This program will allow you to use other controllers rather than the XBOX 360 Controller for games like
    'GTAIV', 'Juiced 2' and 'The Club'.

    • This program is a proxy dll making calls to standard direct input functions.
    • This program expects your controller to be first in your game controllers list.
    • The Left and Right trigger will not be analog.
    • Tested with Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 / PSX Pad Controllers.
    • Tested with 'GTAIV', 'Juiced 2 HIN' and 'The Club' PC Games
    • Force Feedback support is designed for gamepads only, tested with Logitech Cordless Rumblepad 2 Controller
    • Force Feedback support uses Constant Force
    • The xinput dll can go by several names, you can rename the dll to those below till you find one that works
    • xinput9_1_0.dll
    • xinput1_3.dll
    • xinput1_2.dll
    • xinput1_1.dll
    • GTAIV uses xinput9_1_0.dll

    Backup then replace the xinput1_3.dll file in the game root directory with the one from this archive.
    Extract xbox360cemu.ini file in the game root directory.

    Replace xinput1_3.dll with your original backup copy.
    Delete xbox360cemu.ini file.

    When the game starts you should hear a beep from your PC speaker.
    If you do not have a PC speaker you may not hear the beep, but it will still work.
    Play the game as normal.

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    Re: Alone in the Dark - controller?

    You might wanna edit xbox360cemu.ini to be like this or to what you desire :
    Left Analog X=1
    Left Analog Y=-2
    Right Analog X=3
    Right Analog Y=-6
    D-pad POV=1
    Left Shoulder=7
    Right Shoulder=8
    Left Thumb=11
    Right Thumb=12
    Left Trigger=5
    Right Trigger=6

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