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Thread: Tetris game reduces post-traumatic stress

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    Tetris game reduces post-traumatic stress

    According to a study conducted by serious scientists from several psychiatric department of the University of Oxford, the legendary arcade game Tetris could be used as a remedy to calm the shocks associated with traumatic experiences of patients.

    According to The Guardian, the study says that these shocks affect sensory perception, visual and spatial generating mental images. A game like Tetris using visual and spatial abilities, thus contributing to generate mental images and will interfere with these traumatic shock. Specifically, if a person plays Tetris half an hour after her traumatic experience, the frequency of shocks would decrease after one week.

    Thus forty participants engaged in a scenario somewhat surprising. By group of twenty, they have volunteered to watch a movie 12 minutes depicta very violent scenes. All individuals wearing similar characteristics in terms of age and sex, no symptoms of anxiety has been found among these people. After the viewing, participants in one of two groups played Tetris for about ten minutes while the others remained seated. When they asked about the emotional impact caused by the film, people who played Tetris proved far less affected than those of the second group.

    Who would have predicted that a game is programmed more than twenty years could be as beneficial?

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    Re: Tetris game reduces post-traumatic stress

    Who would have predicted that game that was scheduled more than twenty years before could be as beneficial?

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    Re: Tetris game reduces post-traumatic stress

    Well I'll go play Tetris then

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