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The Hunter - PC Game

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Old 29-12-2008
Join Date: May 2008
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The Hunter - PC Game

The most realistic hunting game online. Explore an amazing wilderness, take the shot and share the moment with friends. What's more, it's free.

The Hunter is a revolutionary hunting simulator that unites traditional gaming and social networking. Download the game client and you'll find a visually stunning hunting world, populated with a huge range of highly realistic animals, from small game and birds to heavy weight trophy targets like bear, deer and elk, all created by Avalanche Studios, the award winning developer of Just Cause.

But The Hunter isn't just about hunting; it's also about the community.

Players can interact through a web interface with a network of thousands of other people playing the game at the same time. You can make new friends, form groups, create rivalries, take part in competitions and tournaments against people, or work with other players to complete exciting challenges.

And when the guns are locked back in the cabinet, you can share your in game experiences with the world. Post journal entries, videos and pictures of your latest trophies online, and comment on other peoples exploits. See where you stand in the leader boards for different events on a global or national level, or check out who's the best hunter in your local town. And beat them. If you're a hunter in real life and you really want to brag, you can even post details and images of that stag you bagged that broke the state record...

The social network isn't just a means of keeping in touch with the community either; it also forms part of the game. You can explore through the network, browsing profiles, making new friends, getting hunting tips from other players, discovering hidden stores where you can pick up new hunting kit, or find out who you need to befriend in order to unlock new missions and items.

The Hunter also connects throughout your digital life, with links to Facebook and other social networks, as well as RSS feeds and messages to your mobile keeping you up to date with the hunting news and your friends' latest trophy triumphs

With regular roll outs of new content, missions, items, hunting areas and animals, the Hunter will always stay fresh, and the community plays a big part in shaping the future direction of the game. Features and updates can be created based on the way the game is being played, and players can send suggestions to the developers about new things they want to see and the direction they want their game to take.

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Old 29-12-2008
Join Date: May 2008
Posts: 158
Re: The Hunter - PC Game

There will be a variety of weapons and equipment available in The Hunter, and when you go out hunting you will be able to pack a primary and secondary weapon. The Hunter is not just a 3D client, but also an integrated social space which will allow you to interact with other players, and you will find missions that require you and a friend to compete or work together on a certain set of tasks both in the 3D and social aspects of the simulation. The hunts themselves will be single player instances, with the emphasis on realism. About multiplayer instances, any multiplayer instances should be realistic and therefore co-operativewhile playing the game; there will be plenty of game to shoot in The Hunter.

One of the key skills to hunting is knowing your prey, so there has been a serious focus on trying to make the animals in The Hunter behave as they would naturally. In the first release you will be able to hunt four animal types including Whitetailed Deer. Beyond the first release there will be regular updates, meaning that you'll come across an ever increasing selection of animals.

If you are thinking about scores then, it is up to you. What is important for you as a player: successful 'missions', better equipment or skills, trophy bucks?

General Information

Name: The Hunter
Genre: Simulation
Website: http://www.thehunter.com/index
Manufacturer: Avalanche Software
Release date: 2009
Platforms: PC

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