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Thread: How to play Counter-Strike online?

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    How to play Counter-Strike online?

    Hi i have a internet connection installed on my PC and i have also installed Counter-strike Condition Zero. So how can i play it online with

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    Re: How to play Counter-Strike online?

    well you can download a software called STEAM and buy the game so you can play legally or else you can download a non-steam version of counter strike and play in free or private servers wich you can find at sites like .

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    Re: How to play Counter-Strike online?

    There is a very easy way. To play counter-strike online with your friend. You both sign into Steam and open your games. One of you created an online game, choose map, time, etc.And the other can find the game on the server browser and connect easily. Or if someone at near to your place you can create a LAN game via an Ethernet cable or Wireless.

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    Re: How to play Counter-Strike online?

    • Get Steam.
    • launch it from your "Games" list.
    • Hit "Find Servers" and look for a nice server with more than 10 players but less than 20. This way, you won't have a riot, but you will never have no one to kill.
    • Know the controls are in the WASD key format, or use the "Classic" arrow keys if you are unfamiliar with them. Assuming you are playing a normal map (with Prefixes de for Defusal, cs for Hostage, as for Assassination, and es for Escape), hit B (default) to access the buy menu. Buy your guns and ammo.
    • Have some knowledge. In DE, the Terrorists are attempting to blow up a designated target with their C4, which is carried by one random Terrorists. In CS, the Counter-Terrorists are rescuing hostages situated around the map. In AS, the Counter-Terrorists must protect the VIP, who is a random Counter-Terrorist.

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