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Thread: Dungeon Party : screenshots and Information

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    Dungeon Party : screenshots and Information

    About Game:

    In Dungeon Party you can create and customize your character with different costumes and objects. A holiday-themed sorcerer, a thief straight out of a night club, or a gothic hangman…anything is possible! Each player can equip their character with different objects and weapons before the battle against the opposing teams begins.

    Evolve your character during these exciting matches while choosing your spells and skills carefully from a large selection in order to help your team retrieve the dungeon treasure.

    Group together in guilds to help each other and use the level editor to create your own dungeons and share them with your community friends.

    Offering simple but exciting RPG gameplay, intense battle and endless action in a humorous cartoon setting, Dungeon Party has all it takes to offer endless hours of fun in the craziest dungeons ever seen in a video game!


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    Beta Dungeon Party: 50 new seats to win

    In development at Cyanide, Dungeon Party is a title exclusively online and free. Focused on the game team, it will plunge players into a world of heroic fantasy-crazy where groups of heroes will battle "through dungeons filled with monsters and lethal traps delusional hope to win the treasures they contain ".

    Dungeon Party will create a character, to customize, to find different costumes and various equipment. It will be possible to create a magician, a thief or a hangman by example and the teams will be composed of five members. Reserved for the PC, but not expected until next year, Dungeon Party will first exit through a private beta that will allow lucky to discover and developers to make various adjustments.

    We propose you to discover this game through a registration form to fill out online by clicking here. Once registration is complete, you receive an email containing a reminder of your information and a link to activate your account. Attention, however, there are a hundred places and these places will be allocated to the first 100 have activated their account. On 22 December, another mail will be sent to selected so that they can download the client and embark on the adventure.

    Last days
    : the first 100 places have been won in record time, Focus and Cyanide offer additional 50 seats. The mechanisms of production are strictly the same as your mail!

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