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Thread: World Of Battles Announced by Focus

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    World Of Battles Announced by Focus

    RSoP real time massively multiplayer game, World Of Battles has just been unveiled by Focus through a press release, a few drawings and three screenshots. Developing in the local Frogwares, it should not be available before March on a PC. Through clashes taking place in a fantasy world, developers propose to engage battle to climb the ladder to a ranking online.

    Nine races will be present and players can choose their faction, recruit troops, lead, personalize before sending it to break-pipe. The personalization of forces should be taken with a high level of retail management experience and equipping troops. In terms of gameplay, the game will connect to the "simpler" but also to take part in tournaments. The developers plan to offer regularly.

    On the battlefield, World Of Battles incorporates the principles of strategy games, but it out through the principle of Guild Wars that will allow more players to join together to confront other unions. The team then takes a non-negligible in the battle. At the base free, World Of Battles is financed through different services that we do not know anything and yet through the system of micro-transactions generated including the many possibilities for customizing units and armies.

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    Re: World Of Battles Announced by Focus

    It seems to me that this is not Warhammer or WoW or who invented the Orcs. This game therefore is not a copy or Warhammer or WoW.

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