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Thread: Fable 2 Knothole, announced the first downloadable content for Fable

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    Fable 2 Knothole, announced the first downloadable content for Fable

    The adventure of LionHead receive its first downloadable expansion on Dec. 12.

    With more than 1.5 million copies sold since its launch last October 24, is not surprising that Fable 2, the last role play LionHead Studios for Xbox 360, has just announced the launch of what will be its first downloadable expansion The pack Knothole Island, an expansion that will come on Dec. 12 near the bazaar of Xbox LIVE for 800 Microsoft Points.

    In this new mission, players will discover the remote island of Knothole, a place where the golden sands decadence and abundant vegetation have been buried by snow, where people are dying by freezing and where many remain buried treasures.

    In addition, the December 12 will also be available on the free pack of "Fable II" that included a good number of gifts, including boots Caballero, the gloves Murderer, a Potion slimming and more. It also will be available over 50 tables in Classification.

    To be able to play the main mission in cooperative [& b] with a friend who has downloaded the pack Island Knothole, users must download the free pack. To qualify for the new missions and complete the island in Knothole cooperative, the two friends must download the pack from the island Knothole.

    And lastly and most fans thinking about the game, Microsoft has announced the launch of a new theme for the menu, New Experience of the Xbox that decorate the Xbox 360 interface with elements inspired by Albion, for 250 Microsoft Points.

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    Fable II on PC soon

    Success on Xbox 360, Fable II could also happen on a PC. According to sources in the German site Gamon, the latest creation of Peter Molyneux is expected to land on PC for the month of February 2009. If this information is not official yet, nevertheless it remains credible insofar Fable: The Lost Chapters had experienced the same treatment.

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