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Thread: Drivers / Drivers to play on MacOS X

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    Drivers / Drivers to play on MacOS X

    I installed 2 games on my Mac laptop story to play out of my house (the demos enough for me to do this)

    So these famous games: "UT2004" and "Call of Duty", both greedy enough resources.

    When I run UT2004, we will say that it is playable ... although some latent cases where the action (by which I mean when different players pulling in my visual field, it seeks more resources than when I'm alone in a corner)
    However, with Call of Duty is a horror ... impossible to aim and evolve in the map so the latencies are important.

    The graphic details of the 2 games are at the lowest course.

    Considering that my Mac is a fairly recent, I have trouble believing that he has not enough power to run the game properly.

    So if one of you not what drivers / drivers install in order to enjoy games, I thank in advance

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    Re: Drivers / Drivers to play on MacOS X

    Well, processor roxx, the graphics card a little less, but these games should run without trouble ... I think it has mac, they work better under windows, I think. If you can get a CD of XP to dual boot for games, it would be nice.

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    Re: Drivers / Drivers to play on MacOS X

    Indeed, it should be able to turn ... I am surprised that you did something not drinking motion.

    And I see no drivers on the nVidia site for Mac /

    Birdie-The cg is not recent but it can turns out the latest games without problems, therefore, UT2K4 and CoD ...

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    Re: Drivers / Drivers to play on MacOS X

    The problem can not come from the computer because on my desktop Windows 2 times less powerful, UT2004 works perfectly (I have not put CoD on the PC)
    As against this I have updated drivers.

    Regarding Windows dual boot, I already Parallel Desktop but I already tried before to find Mac, but Windows is a little Bugged with the Mac in parallel.

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