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Thread: Playing Music on PS3 via USB

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    Playing Music on PS3 via USB

    Can someone please tell me how my music on my USB stick is to get the PS3. My PS3 recognizes the stick I can also open up the music, but when you open the sticks it shows me no title, and under option, it says there were no data available

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    Re: Playing Music on PS3 via USB

    Press Circle and then on everything then can show you the things to listen to and copy funzt super well with external hard drives are the Fat32

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    Re: Playing Music on PS3 via USB

    For SD cards, it recognizes not only with the music, pictures, etc.

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    Re: Playing Music on PS3 via USB

    Trying times triangle and then "View All", or something like that.

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    Re: Playing Music on PS3 via USB

    Did you create the following folders (if you need each type)? Seems it only goes one folder deep? e.g. NOT music\artist\album !!
    I use a batch file for my usb sticks & sd cards, where I can specify the drive letter if not e:

    pause correct drive?
    cd \
    md Photo
    md Video
    md Music
    md Game

    What I have yet to figure out is how to get it to autoplay when a stick is inserted. I don't want TV set on but I have to in order to navigate & play files. I set audio out to composite on ps3 & run that into receiver input; instead of hdmi to TV so I can turn the TV set off & just listen to music. Wish it would feed both audio sources. Also I have a NAS media streaming server (Maxtor Shared Storage II) that either cannot handle the GB's of music files or also needs to be set up with the 'music' folder -- but that doesn't make sense. I'm rebuilding it today & that is why I found this post.
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