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Thread: Rumor or not to configue far cry 2

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    Rumor or not to configue far cry 2

    In an article forums Ubisoft it has been discussed that Far cry 2 can run at a low resolution in 1920 x 1200 on a 8800gts video card

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    mikey Guest
    It is possible, it seems that this game is more greedy than Crysis

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    insertin as possible but they say that they are working to optimize the well I think they realized thats it nywys

    but it remains for me the acting is a second place of my expectations

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    Low resolution 1920x1200? Do not confuse the level of detail and resolution that has nothing to do.
    At the moment it is difficult to have a better (mono) that your card 8800GTS X (the GTS 768MB to exist, with this amount it must be the GTX or Ultra.

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