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Thread: Sacred 2: Fallen Angel PC Version completed

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    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel PC Version completed

    If the information has not yet reached, it is still all that is more formal as this on American and German versions: that the fans are delighted, therefore, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is now completed.

    The developers Ascaron just received the validation of the gold and obviously delighted to have completed a project that lasts for many years. Ascaron even complete his announcement by saying that the Games for Windows controls have been successfully passed by the hack & slash that should not delay hear ... at least in its PC version.

    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, who must actually go out on October 3 next PC, is also planned for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but this time not until early November.

    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

    Sacred 2: Fallen Angel Photo

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    I like Sacred, and its 2nd episode. not bad at all.

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    I admit that the beta disappointed me, which is far from Diablo 3, and it is poorly optimized.

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