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Thread: Crysis Warhead Preview

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    Crysis Warhead Preview

    If minds sorrows criticized some aspects of Crysis first name, the fact remains that the title of Crytek has clearly been one of the events of the end of last year. Since then, Crytek has not worked and has taken on a sort of suite / extension which will not need the basic game and we contera a story parallel to that of Crysis.Subtitled Warhead, this "result" should happen before the end of the year and there was obviously no question of Crytek / Electronic Arts miss the rendezvous at E3 2008 ...It falls quite well because we did not intend to ignore. Impressions.

    Change in continuity, Crysis: Warhead will be a sort of test for Crytek that still seems reluctant to prepare ourselves for a Crysis 2. Pending this hypothetical result, Warhead we will resume the service, however, changing character.In the skin of Psycho, we will follow a story parallel to that of CrysisA story that we were able to discover during the E3 .The principle of the mission was there could not be simpler, and we placed in command of a military vehicle.It was therefore simply follow another vehicle of our squad, mitrailler on what was on our path while joining various crossing points to reach a port area.

    According to the difficulty level selected, the address of the player and his style, this mission will loop in 30 / 60 minutes and the whole Crysis Warhead should be able to finish in just under ten hours, knowing that once again the total is widely variable.Suddenly, Warhead will be significantly shorter than Crysis first name, a choice that Crytek explained by the greater density of missions where the challenges should be coming at a good pace. In the example that concerns us, we have barely time to take the road with our enemies VOTL that arise on both sides of the road for us canarder.The shortest path is a straight line, it does not really them merely to explode here and there of fuel and vehicles too exposed.

    This relatively basic gameplay is the image of what Crytek wanted for the entire Crysis Warhead.If the game will keep all the original features of the game, it will be more action-oriented show with a large force explosions and several passages in vehicles. We have already spoken of VOTL, but we've also been able to try steering the truck or hummers through this unique level present at E3.The full version of the game, the number of vehicles available should also be significantly more important in order to bring some variety to what players already know Crysis.It must be said that level sets, Crytek has not sought to innovate and we will find ourselves in the same environments.

    In any case the impression that we gave this unique level with a plot in the middle of a jungle more or less dense, the passage through a camp and arrived in a port area: none of this would change really what we proposed Crysis, in any case the level graph.Crysis Warhead, however, should incorporate some improvements more or less subtle and propose a level of optimization still higher so that the game may seem a little less heavy.Another element that is important to note: even if the style of play is clearly focused on action, the presence of this combination allows for varying approaches since, according to the method chosen, it increases the resistance of heroes, strength or speed.

    Last mode, camouflage can be frôler enemies without that they would realize.Note however that artificial intelligence has been improved and, although not visible on our video, the enemies react more quickly and more adequately to our actions ...Of course, we will have other levels and a little more time with the game between the hands to confirm these improvements. In the same way, the multiplayer mode was not presented in Los Angeles and we hope to test the latest thing at the Games Convention; Crytek actually speaks many innovations to put the tooth.In the meantime, even if it looks more like an extension than anything else, Crysis Warhead seems perfectly calibrated to delight fans of the first title.

    • Genre : Action
    • Play modes : Solo Internet LAN
    • Number of players: Up to 32 players
    • Developer: Crytek
    • Publisher: Electronic Arts
    • Distributor: Electronic Arts
    • coming on : Tuesday, September 16, 2008
    • Official: Website Crysis Warhead

    Configuration : Minimum Win XP and Vista Processor,
    Athlon / Pentium IV - 2800 MHz RAm,
    1024 MB Graphics Card,
    256 MB, Compatible DirectX 9 Diskspace,
    12000 MB Sound Card,
    DirectX 9 Compatible DirectX version,
    DirectX 9 Media,

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    A release date for Crysis Warhead

    Electronic Arts and Crytek have now confirmed the arrival of Crysis Warhead for September 16 in the USA, and September 12 in Europe

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