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Thread: Manage Bookmarks in IE7, Firefox 3 and Opera 9

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    Manage Bookmarks in IE7, Firefox 3 and Opera 9

    How to manage your bookmarks

    It is with Netscape Navigator that have emerged in small links called Bookmarks or Favorites, which are designed to accelerate access to a web page accurately. If you are not yet followers of this tool, you'll become a slight sluggish in finding your frequently used site or typing its URL everytime. Following is the description of what can be done in Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 7 and Opera 9.5 to manage bookmarks/favorites properly.

    Firefox 3

    The creation of bookmarks

    There are many ways to create a bookmark with Firefox:
    1. You can first select the address with your mouse to drag and make a move to personal bar. If it is not displayed, click on "personal Bar" in "Toolbar" menu "View".

    2. You can do the same procedure, not to bar personal, but to the side panel. f the latter is not shown, go to the menu "View", then "side panel" and "Bookmarks."

    3. You can also use the star displayed at the end of the bar address. The current page will be placed in the pages recently marked and will be used in a search directly into the address bar (awesome bar).

    4. Finally, it is also possible to simply use the menu "Bookmarks" and its "Bookmark this page." Then you can choose where you want to display your bookmark.

    Managing Bookmarks

    A bookmark never comes alone as browsing the Net, they can accumulate in large, even in large numbers. Hence one need to organize them.
    1. This may result in the creation of files first. You can do this by right clicking the mouse in the side panel or in the module "Organize Bookmarks" menu "Bookmarks."

    2. Once these files generated, you can sort bookmarks directly as they are created or move them inside. A simple drag and drop just then, whether in the personal bar, the side panel or module organization of bookmarks.

    3. If the distribution of your bookmarks in folders is not enough, you can also use the dividers provided by Firefox. Click the right button of the mouse on "Separation" in the side panel, the bar personal or in the menu "Organize bookmarks" to add a new separator. You can obviously move this element in the same way as bookmarks.

    4. In case your favorites are really many, you can use the research module in the sidebar or from the menu management bookmarks. Note that it is faster to go through the side panel to carry out this operation.

    The shortcuts

    Finally referring to combinations of keys that allow you to accelerate your practice of mark-page:
    • To open the side panel, made CTRL + B.

    • The combination of CTRL D and you will mark the current page.

    • Press CTRL + SHIFT + D to do the same with all the tabs open.

    • To open the module organization of bookmarks finally combine CTRL, MAJ and B.

    Internet Explorer 7

    The creation of bookmarks

    What are the ways to create a bookmark with Internet Explorer 7?
    1. A special menu is given for the favourites of IE7, you will have access via the menu "Favorites".

    2. You can also go through the button provided in the upper left corner of the window (or shortcut ALT + Z), represented by a star and the symbol +.

    3. The drag address is not possible here. However, you can perform this action directly from the page of your choice to bar links, available via the "View" menu, then "Toolbars" and "Links".

    4. The drag is also possible to the centre of the favorites, creating the desired favorite.

    Managing Bookmarks
    1. Internet Explorer 7 also proposes several elements of organization bookmarks via case management. Let us look at it more closely.
    2. To create folders, you can pass through the centre of the favorites or the configuration module.

    3. Functions moving (via the action drag the mouse) or removal are also planned. You can also go through this module to rename your favorites.

    4. Note finally that if no search function is present, a ranking by name is possible. For that, click the right mouse in the city's favorite and choose Sort by Name.

    The shortcuts

    And as its counterpart Firefox, Internet Explorer proposes the use of combinations of buttons to manage bookmarks. We will see that some of these combinations are similar and others are specific to IE:
    • CTRL + B opens plus side panel but the management module bookmarks.

    • The combination of CTRL and D, you can always mark the current page.

    • Press CTRL + I to view the centre of the favorites, CTRL + SHIFT + I for strand favorites. The first is closed simply by the Escape key, the second by the same combination of keys that have opened.

    Opera 9.5

    The creation of bookmarks

    What are the different ways to create bookmarks in Opera? We will see that the possibilities are very close to those of Internet Explorer.
    1. First, you can go through the menu "Bookmarks" and then click on "Bookmarking page." This will have the effect of placing a link to the current page in the folder of your choice.

    2. You can also use the drag of the current page to the personal bar. You display the latter via the menu "View" and then "Toolbar".

    3. This is also possible with the panel "Bookmarks" you can be seen via the menu "View", "Toolbars" and then "Signs". Finally, click on the star.

    Managing Bookmarks

    If the creation of bookmarks was very similar to that found on Internet Explorer, what about management?
    1. The management of bookmarks obviously going through the generation of cases. This can be done to create a bookmark or by right clicking on the panel bookmarks, or even a button available on the same panel.

    2. Like Firefox, Opera uses the separators to sort bookmarks. The movement of favorites or folders are also allowed through the famous drag and drop, whether in the sidebar or in the bookmarks manager.

    3. Last remark on the management of bookmarks: Opera has the widest choice of sorting, grading and display among the three browsers mentioned. You can customize extensively panel bookmarks. Along with the research module, none of your bookmarks You'll never more!

    The shortcuts
    • To open the side panel, made CTRL + B. Please note that this action automatically opens the signs and that the same action closes the tab "Bookmarks" but did not close the panels.

    • The combination of CTRL D and you will mark the current page.

    • To open the module organization of bookmarks finally combine CTRL, MAJ and B. The manager will then open in a tab separately.

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    Thank you very much for these tips. I have firefox and was knowing to bookmark any sites. However, i found the organising/managing bookmark tip in firefox very helpful. Great work

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    Re: Manage Bookmarks in IE7, Firefox 3 and Opera 9

    You can organize your bookmarks with Advanced URL Catalog a bookmark manager compatible with all browsers.
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