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Thread: Solution for .dll file problems

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    Solution for .dll file problems

    Everyone has received a "Couldn't find ****.dll..." pop-up message at some time.

    This problem usually make some of the programs stop working in windows. It becomes a head-ache to solve this problem.

    Well folks, your problems are over!
    Here you will find the most common files that may be missing or corrupted on your computer. The DLL Dump will be very helpful for fixing .dll file problems in your PC as it contains almost all of the .dll files. Feel free to download at no cost!

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    Hey man, Thats a nice trick. Thanks for that site.

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    Hey man, you rock.

    I was having the .dll file problems from past 3-4 days. I was fed up. I was thinking to post a thread for my problem. And hurray, the problem is solved before it.

    TechArena Rocks !!!

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    Add on to this...

    Theres also another site which can solve these problems - DLL-files. Just to add on to this thread.

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    One more here..

    Go to the Dll Site to solve the .dll problems .

    Dont know how much it is comparable with DLL Dump, but DLL Dump surely looks good.

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    Re: Solution for .dll file problems

    Hello Rox, I really appreciate you sharing your thoughts. I know dll errors are quite a nuisance but just lately, and with so many of them-- you will have to do your research to discover the exact reasons behind the error. I found a good source that also helps fix dll file problem. Instead of replacing any missing dll, it will automatically attempt to repair any dll associations in the windows registry.
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    Re: Solution for .dll file problems

    Dll issues are really buggy and then are directly related to the system files of your operating system which can even cause crash. There are some online tools which repair your system and fix the Dll errors. The other way is to manually download each Dll file and post them in the system folder of Windows. But a Dll Scanner type of thing can help you mostly.

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