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Old 26-09-2013
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Tips to effectively use color cartridges/toner on a printer

Color printout is still costly. If you keep on using them the cartridge/toner empty fast. Now for those who are working on graphic industry has to work on color printer. A number of time ink is wasted on sample documents. Now in this short tips you can find how to boost the printer output by effectively saving the ink. It is very important that you try to save from all side so that refilling does not fall heavy on your pocket. There are certain things you can try to save your printer cartridges and get maximum benefit. Try to buy different type of printers for office usage. Like a regular color printer for color printing and inkjet for heavy usage. This is costly at the time of purchase but later it is more economical. You can keep separate printer so that they can be used as per your need.

Draft Mode : If you think the print is not so important try using Draft Mode. This is the best mode to save ink. This mode changes your paper to a sample draft page remove all additional objects, lines from the print. I use this most commonly to give sample pages. This is really works fine and fast. It allows to get a clear view of the final print. It disable many formatting of page also giving out plan and simple print.

Resolution: For those who are using laser printer can take advantage by minimizing the resolution. The lower it is the more less toner is consumed. So if you are trying to print a image try to print a lower resolution first. Most of the scanner scan a image at 300t o 600 dpi. Print a image of 600 dpi is not bad at all. But if you reduce the same to 300 your print will be more economical. Use high resolution only on final prints.

Saving the Color Cartridge : This is a simple practice. Now if you are printing a page which has fonts only or if there is no color component then print in black. Do not go ahead with color printout. If you give a print on regular basis some color is still used. In the page properties you get options to choose black print and it works really fine. You just have to choose black and white settings. That's all. This saves a lot amount of ink. The print speed is also increased here.

Cartridge/ Toner Save: Many printer comes with a internal save feature. This feature has some kind of configuration that allows to prevent ink wastage. Today almost all printer comes with save features. So you must keep it on. It works on tiny level but effective enough to save your ink and give a bit longer print support. You can also save a bit more ink buy reducing the document density. You can find the settings at the time of running print.

Always use Official Ink Cartridge/Toner: At the time of using printer does not use a refilled product. Buy genuine and original cartridges only. This increase the print life and allows more help. I had seen people using refilled cartridge due to which the printer head is more affected. Order printer from the official site. Many printer settings comes with a direct order option. Once it is over you can order the cartridge instantly.
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Old 27-09-2013
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Re: Tips to effectively use color cartridges/toner on a printer

I have a laser printer. Thanks for that draft print out method. I never used that. But now I am getting a bit more output. The printer looks to be giving more output. Before everyone in the office just use the color print fro everything. But now we had told everyone to go for draft printout if they are printing sample pages. This is quiet helpful in saving the ink and boosting more printouts.
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