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Thread: How to activate Windows 8 with multiple activation key

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    How to activate Windows 8 with multiple activation key

    Last week Microsoft Launched Windows 8 Enterprise evaluation edition for 90 days trial. Many users already downloaded and installed it on their system. But there are many systems among them who stuck with activation. Hence, i thought here to share the steps for activating Windows 8 Enterprises with Multiple Activation Key (MAK).

    • First of all you will need to get the activation key from Microsoft-hosted activation and validation services online (MSDN or TechNet).

    • Once you get the activation keys, start with opening Command Prompt from start menu, right click CMD and run it as Administrator.

    • Now type the following command and press enter:
      slmgr.vbs /ipk (xxxxx)
      NOTE: (xxxxx) is your activation codes without bracket.

    • You will get a screen saying that your activation was successfully. Click Ok and return back to command prompt.

    • Now type the following command and hit Enter
      slmgr.vbs /ato

    Thats it. You are done. Now reboot the system once to take the changes.

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    Re: How to activate Windows 8 with multiple activation key

    Best part of these steps is when you run the second command mentioned above, it also removes the "Windows 8 Enterprises" Watermark from the right bottom corner as well. Just be sure to enter the codes and product key correctly.

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