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Old 09-08-2012
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Rooting Nook simple touch

If anyone wants to root their Nook simple touch then they can refer this thread. Rooting Nook simple touch will allow you to use different reader apps available rather than just epubs and mobie/prc ebooks. So if you are interested in that and you don?t mind rooting your simple touch than just go follow below steps.

Pre-requisites before rooting Nook simple touch:
  • Make sure that you are having your Nook Registered by completing BN's registration process. If you will root your Nook without registering it then you will not be prompted for registering your Nook with BN after that. You won?t be able to link your N2E to your BN account because of which you won?t be able to buy any books.
  • A Class 6 128 MB or higher microSD card for erasing it completely later on
  • A system that can read microSD card or a card reader that can be attached to your system
  • wifi connection
  • A Gmail/YouTube linked Account for carrying out further process
  • Appropriate program for writing disk images according to your operating system, you can have dd for Linux or Mac operating system and Win32DiskImager for windows operating system.

Once you are prepared with the Pre-requisites you will have to decide the software version that you might be willing to upgrade to before rooting your Nook. There are two versions 1.0.1 and 1.1, you can download 1.1from here. to make sure that your Nook Simple Touch is having 1.1 upgrade already installed or not you can go in to Check Settings>Device Info>?About Your Nook Simple Touch'. For installing the updated version you will have to connect your nook to your computer and place nook_1_1_update.zip file that you have downloaded in root folder of your Nook. After placing the file disconnect nook from computer and put it to sleep, upon waking it will install the update automatically. You can cross check it by checking ?About Your Nook Simple Touch? status.

After updating your nook you can start writing microSD card image for the rooting process, you can 1.0.0 or 1.0.1 version from here and 1.1 from here.

For writing microSD card image in Linux:
  • Open terminal browse to the directory you unzipped the microSD card image to and make sure that your microSD card is unmounted. You can run the below command in terminal:
    # umount /dev/<sdcard>
  • Where sdcard should be the name of your sd card. For writing the image to your microSD card enter the command below:
    # dd if=touchnooter-2-1-31.img of=/dev/<sdcard> bs=1M
  • Just make sure that you are adding the name of the file you have downloaded. The above command is for 2.1.31, if you have downloaded 1.6.24 then it should be like touchnooter-1 -6 -24.

For writing microSD card image in windows:
Just run Win32DiskImage.exe , point it to img file that you might have unzipped , select letter corresponding to your SD card in disk drive label and click on Write.

For writing microSD card image in Mac:
  • Open terminal window enter the below command for finding out the drive your sd card is mapped to:
    diskutil list
  • After that enter the below command for unmounting the drive:
    diskutil unmountDisk /dev/disk#
  • Make sure that you are replacing the # above with disk1 or disk2 accordingly, once you get a message saying ?Unmount of all volumes on disk<#> was successful? then enter the below command for writing the image to your microSD card:
    dd if=/path/to/touchnooter-1-6-24.img of=/dev/rdisk# bs=1m
  • Just make sure that you are adding the name of the file you have downloaded. The above command is for 1.6.24, if you have downloaded 2.1.31 then it should be like touchnooter-2-1-31.

When you are ready with the sd card then check out the contents of the SD and make sure that you are seeing MLO, u-boot. bin, uImage, uRamdisk files. After confirming you are having these mentioned files take out the microSD card from your computer and follow the steps below:
  • Hold power button of your Nook Touch and choose power off prompt for shutting it down completely
  • Now Insert microSD card into it and turn it on
  • After your Nook Touch boots with microSD card then unlock your screen > Tap Android and skip "Sign In" part at Android Welcome Screen.
  • Now Enable Location Services, Connect to Wifi and launch Youtube from ADW App Drawer, Click Menu button > Select "My Channel" and log in with your Gmail Account. Once you sync your Gmail Account successfully exit the process.
  • Once you are done until here then Open up Market and Accept Terms and Service, if things goes well then you will be having a Rooted NOOK simple touch at the end

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