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Thread: Adding Photo to Google Earth

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    Adding Photo to Google Earth

    I know this may not be a good place to ask, but I am hoping it is.
    I am trying to add photos to google earth (for street view). I believe I used panorima (or whatever its called) and it won't upload my pic. So I am trying directly to GE and it overlays pic--covering a portion of page or earth view. Is there someone who can give my some simple instructions and what I should look for in completing this process? Google has upgraded since I last did this and it is confusing since I don't know what to look for. Thank you.

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    Re: Adding Photo to Google Earth

    Follow the below steps to add photos to Google Earth:

    1. Click Add> Photo. The New dialog box appears.
    2. Specify the following information:
      • Name: descriptive label of the image.
      • Link: Enter the URL (website address) or location of the photo to add. To choose a photo on your computer, click Browse.
      • Transparency: Choose the opacity of the image must have when displayed in the 3D viewer.
      • Description tab (optional) Enter a comment or text about the image.
      • View tab: These settings allow you to position the camera manually. For an explanation of terms used in this tab, move the mouse cursor over each field. You can also click the image and drag to the desired location.
      • Photo tab: The settings on this tab are:
        • Camera position: location of the default perspective as you view the photo.
        • Direction: Direction of the photo relative to north.
        • Inclination: Inclination of the camera relative to the Earth's surface.
        • Roll: Use this setting to rotate the absolute orientation of the photo.
        • Field of view: These settings control how much of the 3D viewer the photo occupies relative to the Earth. Check Lock the format that the original dimensions of the photo is kept.
    3. When finished, click OK. To view the photo as explained above. You can return to the photo at any time by double-clicking it in the Places panel.

    For more information, visit this site.

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    question Re: Adding Photo to Google Earth

    Thanks for your response. I followed directions, but it was an "overlay" not a street view--which was what I was trying to do. I thought there was something that asks where you want to place photo--didn't find it.

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    Re: Adding Photo to Google Earth

    I think that you wont be able to create Street View even though in the 360Cities thing, you can add your own 360 degree panorama and eventually get it included into Google Earth. Street view photos cannot be considered as a best tool but in some places they are so low resolution and covered with distracting objects, they don't serve as building textures very well.

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