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Old 04-08-2012
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Tips to make Mobile network more better

There are chances when you face a lower signal issue and the same is not resolved until you restart your phone or wait back. But there are options by which we can improve the phone reception to some extent. By some simple practice we can make changes as needed. Mobile phones are prime device of communications. They are used to for various other purpose. Smartphones has given a entirely new look to phone devices. With that you can make phone more useful at many cost. You can surf web or simply add applications. This makes your job easier. Android is one of the featured operating system among them. Some of us are using mobile phones on our laptop to share internet connections. With easy PC suite software this is too possible while it is more easier with wifi connectivity. You can simply make your phone a hotspot and make it usable. It is not all complicated to handle or use. If you are dealing with low reception problem and already tired of firing on customer care guys, then here some tips you can try. But before that I would recommend you one thing. To ensure that your area comes under appropriate network coverage. Your Telecom provider is active. Second due to many changes and tons of subscriber on single network, it has became impossible for Telecom provider to give a stable connectivity. So they reduce the bandwidth. Due to that if you at lower level or remote places the phone signal drop. Under those circumstances you can do nothing. Also to some extent it depends on the place you stay. If there are too much obstacles, like buildings or construction sites, valley, etc they block the incoming connection directly.

This all are natural stuff where we can do nothing at all. But with some practice we can get rid of those poor reception failure. This practice will be helpful for you in case of emergency call. First of all whatever phone you are using, remember that for making a call, the network chip draws a good amount of power. Do not directly put the phone on your ear. When you dail a call, the reception activates which is carried in the form of radiation. This can effect your brain directly. Scientist have proved that excessive use of mobile can cause severe damage also. So to stay on safer side you can use a headset or simply put the phone near to ear only when your call is connected. Here are some tips to get better phone receptions.

1. First when you are dialing a call or receiving and it is some important one then try to walk near a open window type space. Because signals can fluctuate. I had most commonly notice Network Failure error on my phone. This can found easily. Check your phone signal. If that is not stable then there are three reasons behind that. First the Telecom provides does not has good coverage in that area. Second are in a place where the phone is not getting continuous reception and third your phone network chip has some problem. At that point when you stand near a open window space your phone signal will not drop completely.

2. It is recommended to sit in place where you get maximum reception. This not only improve the phone call quality but surfing abilities. Like 3G networks. Somehow building walls too blocks the direct reception. Because of which bigger enterprise uses a network booster. This booster helps to improve the network bandwidth.

3. The most quickest way to get your phone signal, is turning it off and off. Do that instantly and you will be back on the network. But this is a bit issue for smartphone and blackberry users. Because the boot time on this phone is higher and you have to wait for some minutes to get the phone active completely. Another things your phone battery is also responsible for poor signal. If there is no enough power left, the phone tries to locate the signal a number of time. It will fluctuate and cause failure.

4. Smartphones today offer a software and firmware update. This updates are responsible to fix many thing. If you find any of those update do run that. Because even if your Telecom provider is not all responsible the poor firmware can cause network failure. This is not a complicated process at all. The update can be done via pc suite software.

5. To some extent due to excessive movement or shock, the SIM losses contact from the slot. This is another reason for call dropping. For that you have to either get a new SIM or simply try to check the slot on which you are using right now. There must be debris on it. You can use alcohol to wipe the same to clear it.
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Old 07-08-2012
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Re: Tips to make Mobile network more better

There is a mobile booster you can look for. You can carry the same with you. I had seen many portable booster which are capable of giving a clear signal properly. At my home I had added a small phone booster which works quite well and if you face the issue still change the telecom provider.
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