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Thread: Tips to add Wi-Fi in your Desktop

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    Tips to add Wi-Fi in your Desktop

    Every regular desktop pc lacks wifi support. There are certain branded products which come with wifi support, but they might give you a good budget. While I had seen we prefer to go with assembled computer. There are more choices in that at the time of purchase as in future. Assembled computer has more option to add needed hardware as and when you need. One most important feature that today's motherboard lack is wifi support. While there are boards that are two costly. If you are going to prepare a new system and want on-board wifi support then I can list you two motherboard here. The first one is GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-UD5H Wi-Fi which comes between Rs.18000 to Rs.20000 and the second one is Asus P5B Deluxe Wi-Fi which is a bit lower end. This board comes around Rs. 5000. If you are lucky you can find this cheaper. So to get wifi there are only two options either to go for high end board or either to try some methods that I am listing below. First you have to decide for what you need a wifi setup. Do you want to just share files between your Smartphone, Tablet and PC or you want to configure your desktop on a wifi network. Because as per the need you will need to buy the recommended hardware. For getting pc well on wifi network you will need a wifi router and wifi dongle. While just for sharing file you can stick with Rs.100 usb dongle. It works like same as your mobile Bluetooth. The transfer is bit limited to large file size, but this is well enough. There is no need to hook the usb cable and transfer files. The usb done that I am talking about is very small in size. You can keep it connected on the system backside forever.

    Letís begin with methods through which you can have simple wifi connectivity on your desktop pc. The devices that are mentioned here are cheaper and in budget. Now the first option is to buy a wifi adapter. This wifi adapter can help you to get wifi on your system. While for more support you need to get a wifi router. On that you can gain maximum data transfer speed. This will make your job easier.

    Method 1 -- Using Wifi USB Adapter

    Wifi usb adapter are one of the easiest thing to locate. But this are mostly recommended for personal usage. Like if you want to transfer files between phone and pc. Multiple connections are not allowed here. You have to pair the device properly with the phone and done. I am going list here some of the wifi dongle here. While in your local dealer shop you can purchase an alien brand also. Those are most china products which come between Rs.100 to Rs.150.

    Cisco Linksys AE1000 -- This is my first choice. The price lies between Rs.3,500 to Rs.4,000. The dongle with usb and wired connectivity. The image below shows you both versions. Though a costly product but is far better. It operates on wifi dual band on 2.4 or 5Ghz. So at that point you can expect to have a very good transfer ration instantly.

    Tech-Com Mini USB Adapter - @ price Rs.135 the mini usb adapter gives you a very basic wifi support. The adapter is very small. You can fix that on the backside of your system and thatís all. It is almost a plug and play device. You can also locate the driver from web. This is one of the easiest ways to convert any working system in a wifi device for file sharing. The bandwidth operation in reasonable, as you cannot expect much from this tiny device. The setup is simple with Windows wifi connectivity feature you can configure the connection very easily. With this you can also put your computer on the wifi network to share more files.

    Dlink DWA-123 Wireless N 150 USB Adapter -- This adapter comes for Rs.800 approx. It is another usb wifi adapter which can help you to transfer files as per your need. This adapter is mostly compatible with maximum wifi devices and designed to give you best performance. It work son Wifi N Technology. This gives you a much higher transfer ration compared to others. The setup is quiet easy and you can expect around 150mbps of transfer ratio on the same. Dlink offers one of the most convenient devices that you can easily configure with anything of your choice. It is provides you a smooth platform to transfer files easily.

    Method 2 Ė Using Wifi Router

    Now this is a bit different way. Here you have to add a router and switch too if you want other system to be on the same wifi network. A wifi router can do your job in much easier way. I think adding a wifi router is more than enough. You have to spent nice amount first to fix the wifi usb dongles on the pc to bring them the wifi router or you can simply use the cable to connect on the network. This process is bit different and needs some different methods of connectivity. But you can start with a wifi router. Get a good wifi router and hook that on your pc. When you done with the same then you can simply add other devices and share content.

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    Re: Tips to add Wi-Fi in your Desktop

    I think the first method is far more better as it gives you option to add your pc on wifi. That is the better alternative. Another thing managing wifi connection is bit complicated according to me. For personal usage it is best that you can go with usb wifi connectivity.

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