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Thread: Opera Mini 7 Tips and Tricks

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    Opera Mini 7 Tips and Tricks

    Opera has released a new updated version of their browser for mobile phones, smartphones and tablet PCs. Opera Mini 7 is the latest web browser to be released. As we know Opera Mini 7 has always been one of the best web browsers available for portable devices because of its ability to compress the page and also open the pages with heavy encryption faster. This browser has been made such that you can browse internet faster for purpose of your business and social networking. I want to tell you how to utilize the features of Opera Mini 7 for faster operation required for saving time.

    Smart Page
    The start page of Opera Mini 7 is also known as ‘Smart Page’ provides shortcuts to all the needed websites and links. The Smart page is divided into two parts. The first part is called Home and the second part is called Speed Dial. They can be switched sideways as they are presented as tab. If properly configured, these two pages can save much of your time by providing you on hand information and quick links to your favorite sites.

    Smart page of Opera Mini 7

    On the home tab, you can add links of your favorite websites like Gmail, Facebook, Livescore, Twitter, and so on. You will also find the pages that you visited recently will also appear in top part of the Home tab of smart page. The recent six links will appear on the top of the smart page. The second tab will allow you to configure your social networking profiles to show recent feed on the smart page. You can add your Facebook and Twitter profile here to get updates regularly. The next part will be for ‘My news’. Every news article you read will be included in this section. It is like recent history part, but will only save links of news websites. The next part is for Suggested links where the news is categorized in various sections like travel, sports, movies and so on. You can get articles and updates related to specified links on hand when you start the browser.

    The second tab, which is Speed Dial offers you shortcuts for you websites. You can save 8 websites that can be quickly accessed. One tap or click on this Speed Dial shortcut and the website will open without you having to type whole address. You can utilize these shortcuts to get most of the information like news, social feeds and shortcuts to regularly needed websites or web pages handy. This will save lot of time that is needed to type the full address of the website. Also with social feeds directly available on start page, one won’t have to always access Facebook and Twitter to read their recent posts.

    Turbo Boost
    Just like the computer version of Opera has Turbo Boost option, Opera Mini 7 also features this function. On activating it, the speed of the internet will increase. Opera Mini 7 will utilize maximum bandwidth possible to open the web pages and the links you want to open. You can utilize this feature to open the pages quickly. This is useful when you have low reception and want to use internet. When low reception is detected, Opera Mini 7 will compress the web page by reducing the image quality or disabling the fancy animations.

    If you have low reception, it is preferable to keep the images off. This will help to load pages faster. Also disabling images will reduce the data usage.

    Long Click/Touch
    If you keep the click button of your mobile phone pressed for long time or in your smartphone, keep the tap pressed for long time and you will get an background menu. You will get option to copy paste any content from website and paste it on another website. You will also find many such options which you can use to modify or get more information form a web page. It is similar to right click menu on computer version of Opera mini 7.

    Some shortcuts that will come handy when browsing internet using Opera Mini 7.
    Here’s the list of shortcuts that have ‘*’ (asterix) as prefix. Add * before following button to get following effects,
    • *1 - To quickly launch Speed Dial 1
    • *2 – To quickly launch Speed Dial 2
    • *3 – To quickly launch Speed Dial 3
    • *4 – To quickly launch Speed Dial 4
    • *5 – To quickly launch Speed Dial 5
    • *6 – To quickly launch Speed Dial 6
    • *7 – To quickly launch Speed Dial 7
    • *0 – To get single column view
    • *# - To view website in landscape view
    • ** - To launch the Navigation Bar
    • * <up arrow> - To create a new tab
    • * <down arrow> - To close the current tab
    • * <right arrow> - To switch to the tab on right side
    • * <left arrow> - To switch to the tab on left side

    Some more shortcuts are also available with ‘#’ as prefix. Add # before following button to get following effects,
    • #1 – To Enter Address in URL bar
    • #2 – To enter into search mode
    • #3 – To find words in the current web page
    • #4 – To jump directly on the smart page
    • #5 – To open the Bookmarks section
    • #6 – To get into the history section
    • #7 – To downloads that are taking place
    • #8 – To enter settings of Opera Mini 7
    • #9 – To enter section of saved pages
    • #0 – To reload the current page
    • ## - To forward

    At present I can provide you with only this much tips and tricks. After I begin to use Opera Mini 7, I will provide you with more tips as I go on using it.

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    Re: Opera Mini 7 Tips and Tricks

    Thanks for the tips, actually I just installed Opera Mini 7 in my Nokia N8 and I was figuring out how to quickly access the tabs. It would have taken much time for me to research and find out all the stuff you have mentioned. So thanks for tips, now I can use Opera Mini 7 as I want to use.

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