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Thread: How to restore BIOS settings in Asus DieHard?

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    How to restore BIOS settings in Asus DieHard?

    Many times you see that when you attempt to flash the BIOS in your processor, the process goes wrong and you end with corrupt BIOS which doesn’t start your PC. To solve this problem, Asus has come up with Asus DieHard processor which has two BIOS chips. One chip will be the main BIOS chip which will have the working BIOS and the other BIOS chip will have backup of the previous version of BIOS. If in case the new BIOS that you will flash fails to work, the old BIOS can be restored and make the PC work again. Also if the existing working BIOS gets corrupt under some circumstances, then you can again restore the backup BIOS from the secondary chip.

    Few things that I would like to tell you about the BIOS recovery from backup in Asus DieHard is that you will find many places where it will be mentioned that BIOS will restore the backup copy itself, but let me tell you that nothing is automatic and you have to perform every task yourself. Take a look at the picture that I have posted and you will see two similar chips marked with Red and Blue arrows. These two chips are BIOS chips. The one marked with Red arrow is the main chip which holds the BIOS that will start your PC. The chip that is marked by Blue arrow consists the backup copy of the BIOS which you need to restore. When handling the chips, it is recommended that you do it carefully. One improper nudge here and there and pins will bend mercilessly.

    ASUS DieHard

    The process to restore the backup of BIOS to rectify the corrupt BIOS in the main chip involves risk. If anything goes wrong, you can land up with a useless motherboard, fit for dumping.
    1. You will need to first download the BIOS that you want to have in the backup chip to replace the corrupt BIOS. You can find the BIOS on the website of ASUS which you can download.
    2. Now copy these BIOS in a pen drive which is using a FAT32 storage system. This is because in FAT32 system, the files are more secured and less chances of corruption are possible. Also see to that you have named the file of BIOS using eight characters only. But also see that you don’t forget the name of the file and you can easily find it.
    3. Now switch off your computer and also remove the power plug. Now open the CPU cabinet and take out the two BIOS chips carefully. Since the chips look same, don’t forget which one is main and which one is for backup.
    4. Now place the backup BIOS chip in the slot for the main BIOS chip, that is, blue arrow marked chip in slot of Red arrow marked chip.
    5. Now you have to start your computer back again, but before that plug the pen drive with BIOS in the USB slot and then start the computer.
    6. Once the computer has been started press Alt + F2 to get access into EZ FLASH 2. Many new BIOS support access to EZ FLASH 2 from the BIOS.
    7. In EZ FLASH 2 you will be able to locate the BIOS file in your pen drive. Select it and let the flashing of BIOS into the backup chip happen.
    8. After it is complete, restart the PC and again enter the EZ FLASH 2. This time select the BIOS file from pen drive and while computer is on, carefully remove the backup BIOS chip and replace it with main BIOS chip. Keep the backup BIOS chip away.
    9. After the main chip is flashed with the desired BIOS, switch off the computer, remove the power cable and place every chip in its own place.

    So this is how you have to flash the BIOS chips in Asus DieHard. The backup part is that if in case your computer encounters certain problem like not starting due to corruption in file of BIOS, then backup chip will overwrite all the files in main chip and run the new BIOS.

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    Re: How to restore BIOS settings in Asus DieHard?

    The processors in which the BIOS gets corrupt and has single BIOS chip will have to spend large amount of time in flashing different version of BIOS. Also many times it happens that the version of the BIOS which is compatible with the processor is removed from the source so we have to get it from some unknown website. I have also heard that many people actually replace the BIOS chip and install a new one to get their PCs back in working condition. I think that in Asus DieHard this all problems will be solved thanks to two BIOS chips in it.

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