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Thread: How to integrate Facebook Login interface in Gmail

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    How to integrate Facebook Login interface in Gmail

    Today we will see how to install a gadget in Gmail that enables us to access our Facebook from our own email account panel without us having to open two windows at a time. It is true that not all the features are available on Facebook that can be used from Gmail but it can help us sometimes. From this panel we can review our entire timeline of Facebook, respond to our contacts, use the button we like to share on our wall, but we can not use chat or upload images.

    1. The first thing we must do is simply click on the configuration option, once we are in our Gmail account.
    2. Once inside, search for a Labs tab configuration click on it.
    3. Within this tab you will see a series of gadgets that we can add to our sidebar in Gmail, there are applications or functions that are still in evidence but are fully functional. We chose one that says "Add any gadget by URL". Select Enable and click on Save Changes button.
    4. Once done we will have a new label in the configuration menu called Gadgets, and in here we will need to add the following url:
    5. After adding in the left bar of Gmail, a new gadget will appear with the name of Facebook and the words expand inside. Press to expand and it will open a window into Gmail with login id and password button of our Facebook account.
    6. Now you will be able to access Facebook directly from your gmail.

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    How to integrate Twitter in Gmail

    Incase, if anyone wants to integrate Twitter into Gmail, then simply follow these below steps:

    1. Click the Labs icon at the top of the window.
    2. Enable the "Add any gadget by URL".
    3. Note that this step can only be done once.
    4. Copy the url address of a Twitter widget like TwitterGadget.
    5. Return to Gmail and click "Settings".
    6. Then click "Gadgets".
    7. Paste the url address of the widget in the field that is given and validate it.

    About the gadget, we can find a lot on the web. In my case, I opted for the one proposed by TwitterGadget, recommended by Lifehacker in an old article. If anyone knows better, then do not hesitate to express your comments in your next post.

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