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Thread: Tips for Mobile Software Development

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    Tips for Mobile Software Development

    Developing Mobile Software Development is not that easy and even though one develops an app the app has to compete other applications that are already out in the market. One has to make a unique app so that he does not have many competitors. Creating a good Mobile Software can let one earn a lot, anyways I am just sharing some tips that can help new developers to create a good app.

    Tip 1
    Choosing the right Share- There are numbers of mobile phones in the market, so you have to be clever while deciding the phone for which you will be creating app. Today apple, BlackBerry, Nokia, Windows Mobile and Android phones are ruling the market. So you can keep an eye on the market share and find out the top one. I think Android apps are the most used apps now a day, so creating an android app will be a better choice. The Choice will vary, I am just suggesting it as per current scenario.

    Tip 2
    Learning the language – After deciding the app that you want to create you will have to learn the language for it. Windows Mobile , iOS, Android are written in different languages so you can gather the resources for the same and start learning it. If you choose a language you are familiar with then it will be a plus point. If you are not familiar with the language then learning it and creating an app accordingly will take time. Below is the list of mobile operating systems with the language they are programmed in by respected companies:
    • Operating systems name – Language in which they are programmed in – Name of the company
    • Ios - C, C++, Objective-C – Apple
    • Android - C, C++, Java - Open Handset Alliance/Google
    • webOS – C - Palm, Inc (HP)
    • Windows mobile - Many, C++, .NET, Lazarus – Microsoft
    • Blackberry OS – Java – RIM
    • Symbian - C++ - Symbian Foundation
    • Maemo - C/C++ - Nokia
    • MeeGo - C++ - Linux Foundation
    • Bada - C++ - Samsung

    Tip 3
    Create an app for multiple platforms - If possible try creating an app for multiple platforms else you can create different app for different platforms. App running on multiple platforms can takes a bit more time then apps running on single platform. To create a for multi platform one has to use CSS to recode that app as per different screens and JavaScript for controlling the events.

    Tip 4
    Keeping an eye on latest devices – Mobile Company keeps coming up with different devices after every year. I mean it all started with mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. The good thing now is that an app that runs in smartphones can also run in tablet as well. Since the users of tablet are increasing every now and then you can create a tablet-version of app as well.

    Tip 5

    Strive for consistency - Gather information of company’s approved devices like screen size, resolution and aspect ratio along with their Keyboard details. Your app should be user-friendly for the device you are creating.

    Tip 6
    Creating light app – Now a days smartphones have 1 GHz or faster processors so try creating a light app so that it does not hog CPU and memory of the device. The app should be capable of competing with other apps that might be working on the same device. If your app will hog CPU and memory of the device then it won’t preferred by the users.

    Tip 7

    Know about carrier restrictions – There are some Wireless carriers that block apps or deem excessive amounts of bandwidth. So make sure that you are keeping that under consideration.

    Tip 8
    Registration of app – Try registering you app with developer networks those allow you to access their SDKs. Just make sure that you are registering your app as publisher if you want to earn.

    Tip 9
    Certification – You might need certification for your app which takes time depending on the platform and network usage level.

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    Re: Tips for Mobile Software Development

    I am interested in creating an app for android phone so can you guide me regarding the resources for it??? Actually I was making my mind to join an institute for learning android developing but the fees are quite high. So now I have now decided to learn it on my own. Any suggestion??

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    Re: Tips for Mobile Software Development

    You can refer to the below sites:
    • Android Developers Site
    • Stack Overflow
    • Shiva3D
    • AdWhirl
    • Cocos2d-Android
    • Geocade
    • Android Stats
    • Cyrket

    They are the 10 Best Android Resources.

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