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Thread: Delete EXIF/IPTC/XMP info from image files by using Free Exif Eraser

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    Delete EXIF/IPTC/XMP info from image files by using Free Exif Eraser

    Many times it happens that you click a photo from your camera and get excited by its beauty. You want to share it on a photography website so that other people from all over the world will get to see it and appreciate it. But the problem happens that the website on which you are trying to upload your pictures has an limit that you cannot upload pictures that are above some specific size limit. Now the problem is that the problem is that photo that you have clicked is of high definition which has size of around 19 to 15 MB because of its quality. You cannot upload because website has limit of 5 MB. You compress the image using softwares. In this compression, the resolution of the image is reduced and so are many other details. Due to reduced resolution, some small objects like birds on trees or fishes in a pond donít become easily visible. Also the lighting and the colors will be compromised in this compression. So in other words, all the beauty that was present in the photograph due to minute details is lost.

    Same thing happens in case of graphic designers or image or video editors. The pictures edited by them or created by them are very high definition due to the quality of tools they use. Many of these images are used as banners or are spread over large area. To maintain the quality of pictures in this case, they are designed in very high resolution to avoid quality loss by pixilation of the images. Now when an artist creates such an artwork, he wants to share it with the world, he tries to tone down its size to match the requirements of the online picture sharing websites. Here too same problem arises, if he compresses, there will be loss of data that might spoil the beauty of his art work

    Usually the size of the size of an image increases because of the EXIF/IPTC/XMP data that is resent in the image files. Now what are these data that increases the size? I wonít go deep into technical description and explanation but Iíll try to keep it simple. This data are the information about the image that helps to recognize it by other devices like camera, mage displaying devices or software that need information about the images. The EXIF data mostly consists of the data related to the lighting that is present in the images. For example, at co-ordinate x and y, the light is brightest while at some other co-ordinate, the light is low and forms shadows. Also it stress information of the colors that are present in the image. Also if you have applied any theme t the photo using the in-built features of the camera, like sepia or some hue, then this data too is stored in the EXIF file. The IPTC file stores the data of the image that has been passed through softwares like Photoshop or other image editing softwares. It actually stores the history of the image like what editing you had done on it. For example, if you have changed the brightness, contrast, hue and any other details, all will be stored in the imageís IPTC data. It also saves the data of the softwares that you have passed the image through. For example, if you opened the image in Photoshop CS3, then Photoshop CS5, then Coral Draw and at last in Microsoft Paint, then all this data will also be stored. The XMP data also stores similar data about the image within the .jpg file. Now all this data increases the size of the image.

    You can use Free Exif Eraser to compress the mage and also avoid the quality loss using this software. You can download this software from here. This is light software that doesnít put any load on your systemís RAM and graphic card for editing the data from an image file. This software will erase all the EXIF data from an image file and reduce the size but still retain the quality of the image. The details in the image will be preserved and you will find same image that was present before using Exif Eraser on it. It is available for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 for 32-bit and 64-bit version for free. After installing the software, you just have to give link to the folder from which you have to reduce the size of the images. It will start processing and give you compressed photos as output. There are options for keeping the original photos as backup. The Free Exif Eraser is an portable software, that you donít need to install it, just copy paste the application in any compatible computer and start working.

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    Re: Delete EXIF/IPTC/XMP info from image files by using Free Exif Eraser

    Wow, this software is what I needed. All these days, I had been compressing the photos using Microsoft Office Picture Manager to reduce the resolution. But now with Free Exif Eraser, I will be able to reduce the size of the photos without losing its quality and details. Since I am a photographer for wildlife magazine, I will be able to carry a copy of Free Exif Eraser anywhere I want. So even if I have a computer where it wonít be installed, I can just copy paste it and start using it.

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