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Thread: Download Google Play applications to your computer for Free

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    Download Google Play applications to your computer for Free

    The web version of Google Play, as we know, that allows us the option to install applications from it directly on your android mobile phone or tablet, is possible either via the data connection or Wifi to which we are connected. But you might want to have the applications of the android device also saved in the computer, so that even by the data loss, one can immediately have the apk file stored in the pc and thus transfer it on the device immediately, rather than going to Google Play site and downloading all the apps again.

    For such, there is a Windows application that enables direct download of apps from Google Play to our computer, and besides, the process is very simple and prompt. This method also allows us to access applications that may reside in the country that do not appear in Google Play. Once the application is downloaded on your computer, it will be just a matter of time to transfer them to the android device and install it.

    This tool comes from the XDA forums, called Real APK Leecher, that you can download from here. Once you link to download the file. You just have to unzip it and do nothing, as it is not an exe file that is need to be installed on the computer. However, this application will not to run untill Java Runtime Environment 1.5 or later version is installed in your computer, so download it immediately.

    The usage of this software is extremely simple and easy, just run the application and for the first time it will ask you three things that are required, the email with which you have a Google account, the password for the same account and the Device ID of your phone. Basically this program is made to trick Google play into thinking that we are downloading apps from our mobile phone only but in reality we are downloading it on our computer instead.

    The Device ID of the mobile can be found by typing the following code in the phone - *#*#8255#*#*. And when a window that opens up a touchdown to put Device ID-android-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, the x is a list of numbers and letters, 16 in total.

    If everything is done properly then you will come accross the search tool to find the application you want to download from Google Play to your computer. In the list of search click on the right mouse button on the application icon and you will have an option to download it. Note that you will be able to download only free applications.

    Once you have downloaded the apps on your computer, just transfer them to the phone by connecting it via the USB cable or via WiFi on your computer and install it.

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    Re: Download Google Play applications to your computer for Free

    There is a app called APK Downloader which is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to download Android APK files from Google play to your PC. Download and Install APK Downloader 1.2.1 from here. Also it will work only on Google Chrome browser version 17 or later, previous versions are unsupported. Additionally you can go to the codekiem page which is the official site for distributing this software.

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