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Thread: Tips to Protect your Mac from Overheating

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    Tips to Protect your Mac from Overheating

    Apple products are awesome, but that does not mean that they do not contain any flaws. The most common thing that I notice among Mac system is overheating. Compared to desktop a Mac device is more portable and unique. If your regular laptop overheats you can easily upgrade your CPU fan, clean up the dust inside, etc. In simple words the repair stuff is easier. But this is not the case in Mac. You will need to carry the same to service center pay a good charge to fix it. It is recommended that you must keep an eye on your Mac temperature so that you can void heating or damage cause due to heating. There are many things that can be adopted to avoid severe issues. Like you can shut down your system for some time, let it cool down and then turn it on. You can use Mac systems on a cooler temperature. But it is also necessary to figure out why Mac system heats up. There are rare moving parts compare to regular laptops. The most common answer for is lack of ventilation and continuous usage. Ventilation is an important part of laptop type system. If the air flow is block the system heats up at the time of heavy processing. Have a look on the reasons why Mac laptops usually heats up rapidly:
    • Lack of Airflow.
    • Dust inside blocking the airflow.
    • Loss of thermal compound inside the system between cpu and heat sink
    • Lack of Space inside the system chassis.
    • Usage of resource intensive games and applications.

    Above is some kind of most common answer why your Mac system heats up. The devices designed by apple are more portable and tightly packed. It is possible for us to open it and clean it. Ample time I had found in old devices that the thermal paste between the CPU and heatsink is lost. Because of which the heat is not properly regulated. If you have any of that issue, install a temperature monitor in your system. Keep an eye on it. It is also quiet irritating to keep on your lap while using it. Mac systems too have fans inside them. Those fans sometime spin faster producing noise if the laptop generates more heat. Following are the measure that you can carry to stop heating:

    1. Checking CPU Fan

    Ensure that the vents on your laptop are enough open and are not covered with dust. This is common issue in old systems. The vents are the only source to transfer hot air outside. Some of the latest model lacks that. Mac systems have a controller which is used to manage the CPU fan and other stuff. It is called as System Management Controller. Resetting that can help you out. To reset that press the command + option + escape key. If this does not work then simply reboot your system. If still the issue does not go then contact the nearest apple care for fix. The computer gets heated because of heavy usage or sometime due to improper ventilation. There is nothing can be done via software level. In laptop to Reset SMC remove the battery and connect the laptop to power source via adapter. Press the same key combination I had mentioned above. Leave them after sometime.

    2. Check for Dust

    Like other laptop the Macbook also comes with fan. The speed of fan rises automatically when the system gets heated. You can keep a game or some resource intensive application running. If the temperature goes high then it means that the fan is not able to draw complete heat out of your system. There can be blockage done by dust or other particles. Arrange a brush and try to clean the same from upper side.

    3. Do not keep charging your macbook

    It is also recommended that you must keep your macbook connected to power source always. The battery sometime gets heated and because of which the below part also. When I play games I remove the batter and connect the Macbook to power source. And if your laptop has battery then removes the charge and use it on that. You will notice that the CPU fan noise will reduce. It is recommended that you must keep on updating your software. Allow proper airflow from below. Do not choke up the part by putting in on wrong surface. The laptop design contains certain space from where the air can be drawn out.

    4. Using Laptop Cooling Pads

    Laptop Cooling Pads are another good alternative for macbooks. These pads have more fans configured at the edge. You can use them to keep your system cooler. I am sure you can find easy pads at cheap price range. Cooling pads are also designed to give you comfortable support on your lap. It is always better to have an extra cooling pad for your laptop as there is no other source available for it. Macbook does not heatup always. It heats up when it is used always or when the laptop has some resource intensive applications installed. Like at the time of watching videos or playing games. Get affordable cooling pads and fix them on your system.

    5. Limit Flash Site Usage

    It is being found that flash content is one of the most common issues behind heat generated in Macintosh. I am not sure about the technical reason behind that, but due to some bug the CPU is forced to perform higher which is turn generates heat. Those who over use internet might be facing this issue most commonly. So if your system gets heating you can for sometime avoid using flash content in your system.

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    Re: Tips to Protect your Mac from Overheating

    I found on an article that Macbook can heat above 80 degree C. The heat issue is caused by CPU actually. And if it is overheated the laptop shutdowns. In this way it protects itself and other component from getting damage. But this is a bad sign. Because it looks that the CPU has some issue or the cooler which is inside the system is not capable of wipe out heat. Dust is right cause. Remember that such overheating also reduce the life of macbook. So if your laptop is getting heated then it is recommended that you must show the same to nearest service center.

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    Re: Tips to Protect your Mac from Overheating

    Very nice post. Cooling Pads for Mac is one of the best idea to protect Mac from overheating. It helps to keep Mac system cool.

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