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Thread: Sync Wii Remote with Wii Properly

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    Sync Wii Remote with Wii Properly

    Wii Remote are the more irritating when they are not synced properly while playing. I had many notice dropping connection on some sports games. This ruin the entire fun. As this is the only controller we have now for Wii it is recommended that you must first sync it properly. The steps which are mentioned here will not only help new users but those who are facing issue with Wii remote. There are number reason behind connectivity drop or sync failure. First you need to check that there should be enough battery power. Sometime due to low power you can face the issue. This is one of the most common and easy thing you can do before going for any advance steps. The starting steps helps you to begin with easy steps where you can start configuring it for the first time. You can turn on and off Wii with the remote. So you need to check that your Wii is responding on that or not.

    The steps below mentioned are for syncing for sometime. Here you can do this anytime you want. Wii sync is divided into mode which offer you temporary and regular basis. They are called as One Time Mode and Standard Mode. Settings for both are different. If you syn the remote under one time mode you do not need to worry about Standard mode settings. Those are not deleted. They lies in the console and you can switch the mode anytime you want. When you are done with One Time Mode you just need to turn your Wii Off and then On. The Standard mode settings are simply restored. You might be wondering that how will you know whether Sync is complete or not. When you start the below mentioned process you can see the LED of Wii blinking. As the blinking stops the sync completes.

    Sync One Time Mode :

    This is the temporary mode. You might need to sync the same back again. It is used mainly when you are going to play with your friend or if you want someone to join your game. You can sync the remote for one time purpose. For this mode follow the below steps :
    • Hold the Home Button > Choose Settings > Reconnect. Then press 1 & 2. Hold them at the same time. In this way you can sync more remotes for multiplayer gaming.

    Sync Standard Mode :
    • I had mentioned already to get back on standard mode you just need to turn your Wii on and off. That's it. Your standard settings is simply restored. First Turn your Wii on and off. Second remove the Wii battery and put the same back. There is a release sync button located below the batteries. You have to press that button. The same button is on Wii near the microsd card slot. Hit that and wait for sometime.

    In the first two paragraph above I had said that this also happens due to low battery. The steps that I am going to mention now are based on battery check. You can keep a eye on the current battery level of your Wii remote. So that you can find the right time when to recharge the battery of remote. First only use Wii Remote recommended batteries only. To find battery level by pressing Sync button. Then see on Wii console. If the light blinks 4 times then the battery of remote is full and if it blinks 2 or 1 time then the battery is lowest. You can also find the same in Home Menu. Go in Home Menu and choose Wii remote settings. Here you can see the battery level. I also want to otify the time limit when the battery of Wii remote remains active. Once it is charged fully, you can use them for 30 hours. The battery usage can be limited depending on various aspect.

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    Re: Sync Wii Remote with Wii Properly

    That was quiet helpful. In the last part you said that the battery of Wii remote works upto 30hrs. That is quiet interesting. Because I had never checked. I just change the batteries and put the older one on recharge. I will surely test this. Second thing, to resync multiple remotes you have to press 1 & 2 button simultaneously and what I know that you can at a time use around 4 wii remotes. Not more than that.

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