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Thread: How to upgrade Hard drive to Infinite Size

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    How to upgrade Hard drive to Infinite Size

    Everyone will love to have unlimited hard drive space and get rid of that size low error. There is a service on web called as Bitcasa. This is under Beta testing now. The service offer you a cloud server connectivity to store unlimited amount of data. You might be wondering that how does a free service can offer you unlimited storage space. In this tips you can find all information related to that from signing up to using it. First you need to provide your email id so that you will receive a activation link. You will need to provide certain reference to receive Bitcasa Beta usage or else you can simply click on Sign in with Facebook to get instant access. This service has two face. First is either by using a desktop client and second by web based interface. After signing up you are on web now to share your files. The desktop client offer you simple drag and drop feature to add your documents on virtual storage. You can also create a backup or sync folder to update your documents. Bitcasa is not just a simple could server. It is your online operating system with video, audio, and document support. You can read pdf file or play mp4 video directly in your web browser. It supports a number of audio and video format.

    Inorder to stand in competition Bitcasa come up with unique idea of provided unlimited storage. Anyhow I did not find any option to share the content. So here you get a bit limited of sharing your files with other. Because whatever you open works in inside the browser. And also if you share the link it will not work until the person has Bitcasa login. It is a very simple tool to use. There is nothing complicated here.
    • To access Bitcasa go to
    • Enter your email id and click on the confirmation link for activation.
    • Following is the Beta Signup Link -
    • After adding the email you will receive - for registration. If you did not received any password you can use Facebook Login to register instantly.

    There is yet lot more changes to be made here and till the final verison we will surely get something far more better. Bitcasa looks more promising in comparision to other storage solution. But for those who work on low bandwidth connectivity, Cloud storage is not a valid solution. I had seen regular email services and cloud server offers you maximum 10gb storage and that is quiet more than enouhg for documents and small media content. Till today there is no issue occured in using it and in future also we can hope for regular service. Afer installatin Bitcasa Desktop client you can see that there is a drive where you add as much data as you want.

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    Re: How to upgrade Hard drive to Infinite Size

    An unlimited storage space is bit doubtful, but if Bitcasa is offering that much amount then it is worth to use one time. I had seen certain videos based on MAc system where it showed up around 500TB of storage space. As it is a cloud server you might need to everything download those heavy files. .

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