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Thread: How to Install Shockwave on Linux

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    How to Install Shockwave on Linux

    Despite the good intentions demonstrated by Adobe (at least in words) to the world of the penguin operating system, has not yet been made available a plug-in Shockwave for Linux. Of course, it is not useful as a "cousin" Flash Player (available for the OS world's most used open source), but the satisfaction of hanging out online, from time to time, with spectacular graphics from games cannot be removed Ubuntu users.

    So here we are ready to suggest a method very comfortable, not conclusive as we might hope, but working. It is run Adobe Shockwave through Wine, which requires the installation of several elements and the loss of a few minutes of precious time but what can we do? Until the petition is not going well and the software house known stars and stripes did not decide to release an official plug-in.

    1. Open the terminal;
    2. Give the command sudo apt-get install wine mozplugger and press the Enter key (to install "mozplugger", a program that allows you to integrate other elements in the browser);
    3. Download the Windows version of Mozilla Firefox;

    4. Install the software you just downloaded using Wine;
    5. Start Firefox for Windows and go to this site to start the process of identifying/installing the Shockwave plug-in on your browser;
    6. Open the terminal;
    7. Give the command sudo gedit / etc / mozpluggerrc and press the Enter key;
    8. Add these two lines at the end of the file, then save it: application/x-director: dir,dcr,dxr,cst,cct,cxt,w3d,fgd,swa: Macromedia Director file swallow(firefox.exe) fill: wine "C:\\Program Files\\Mozilla Firefox\\firefox.exe" -chrome "file://Z:$file"
    9. Close Firefox;
    10. Open the terminal;
    11. Give the command rm ~ / .mozilla / firefox / pluginreg.dat and press the Enter key.

    Now - with the somersault that could have been avoided with a serious development of software by Adobe - you can harness the power of Shockwave technology with the system of the penguin (Tux poor, they do more and more pissed!).

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    Re: How to Install Shockwave on Linux

    There are number of ways by which you can try shockwave on Linux. Like installing Firefox in Linux and then using a shockwave plugin on it. Second downloading Flash Player from adobe site directly and installing that on Linux. Adobe provides a flash player support for Linux x86 architecture. But there is no shockwave player. There can be alternative for. You can check in software center.

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