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Thread: Tips and tweaks for Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook

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    Tips and tweaks for Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook

    Bejeweled Blitz is a fast version of the popular bejeweled series. It's about one minute as many pieces as possible to put in three or more rows. The more bricks fall in a row, the more noticeable drop from the higher points. Here, only the neighboring blocks horizontally or vertically, change places. That's it? No, because the category of Facebook games is one, there must be more still, after all, Facebook games are addictive, and for their social integration is known.

    The Bejeweled Blitz friends Bonuses

    The more friends, the more points you can get hold of him. The multiplier 100 calculates points on the score for each friend in the game. Who are the top of the high score or want to quickly move forward in the level, the need to invite friends busy. This results in the experience points and ranks. The more often you play a party, the more points you have to reap. The experience points are transformed from a certain level into new ranks, badges of rank that you get more points in the game and recognition in the high score list. In order to get faster still many points that should be attention paid to the turbos and rare stones. This brings us to the tips and tricks.

    Turbos, rare stones and how do I get more out of a party

    Turbos are game accelerator, and add value to your points. You should try each turbine in a round with you. There are five pieces.
    The stone is a special surprise, the stone will be randomly placed anywhere on the field and can be anything.
    Do you see a detonator, and then tried to round him to exhaust all combinations and then click the detonator and blows up everything around the turbo around in the air. So you sweep the area and get a completely useless may lead to new combinations. You can only win.
    The mixed-turbo mixes all the bricks on the field and changed the whole situation completely. Should be actually used less, because then you have to set you on a completely new environment that you eat more time than available.
    The Turbo +5 seconds says it all yourself you get five seconds up on your expected total time. Always keep your eyes open then. Definitely useful.
    When you get to the last stone turbo start an extra multiplier that you use doubled in the points.
    The Daily Spin is something like one-armed bandit in which you can also earn points that can be counted on your experience points on it. This is once a day for free (provided by 22 clock back) and for addicts must. Anyone who thinks that he would invest money in the game that can do so at the point with the Facebook credits. In addition, you get a bonus the following day when she turns the wheel the next day and play.

    Can often find rare jewels in Bejeweled Blitz. These can collect it. Moonstone is one of them, for example, and appears at the beginning of a round.

    NOTE: The stones will keep you posted including points only good if you play another round, otherwise forfeited the rare stones.

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    Re: Tips and tweaks for Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook

    Gem with fire: Board 4 gems to create a gem of flame. If you use this gem turned into a set kindle an explosion will blow all neighboring gems and cause other gems Call within its range.

    Gem Star: To create a rock star in Bejeweled Blitz you group a set in an "L" or "T". When use is removed with a kind of lightning across the row and column that is the gem.

    Hypercube: Group 5 gems horizontally or vertically to create a hypercube in Bejeweled Blitz. Use the hypercube, by swapping an adjacent gem; all gems of that color on the board disappear in a flurry of points. If two hyper-cubes coincides something amazing happens, try it.

    Gems Multiplier: They are created when you get great falls or when using a great power to destroy many gems at once. This gem works if you use it in a group, multiply all points from the time you use it until the end of the game.

    Speed bonus: You build a bond of speed by color groups quite often. You have 3 sets of colors grouped in 2 seconds to start it. The higher your speed bonus, you have more time between games until it disappears. What it does is give you more bonus points for each grouping of colors.

    Speed with Fire: If you keep your speed bonus for a long time begins to fill the bonus meter speed, once the bar fills up you were to Blazing Speed. Each time you create a set'll trigger the explosion of the gems.

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    Re: Tips and tweaks for Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook

    Some more tricks used to achieve the highest possible score are:

    - Maintain the speed bonus, is one of the bonuses that give more points.
    - Use the multiplier gems in the regular games and the speed bonus. So you get much more points, it is multiplied by the number of points achieved.
    - Try to line up more than 3 gems, i.e., try to line up 4 or 5 gems of the same color, and gain many more points and special jewels that will help you get more bonuses and points. Moreover, large explosions can remove the jewelry that hinders us, making it much easier to complete the level.
    - When you win a hypercube, do not waste it with the first color you see, choose the color of as many gems that appear in the level. Or if you have a multiplier gem, use the color multiplier.
    - When you lose the game and the display shows the phrase "Game Over" reads the table carefully, so you know how you can fix flaws and to get more points in the next game.

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