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Thread: How to read Epub file on Mac

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    How to read Epub file on Mac

    The best known and most used format for eBooks is undoubtedly the PDF, iPad eBooks are called differently and that Epub and is opened by the application iBook.

    If you have the eBook on your PC and you want to read them on, iPad can use a free application which can convert the Epub format, this application is called Calibre and is available for both Windows and Mac and Linux, we see how to use Calibre .

    1. First you have to Download and install caliber, the interface between operating systems is slightly different, the screenshots in this guide refer to the version for the Mac but the process is the same for both Windows and Linux.

    2. When you first start Calibre you will be provoked to choose the folder to save your ePub.

    3. Now just return to the Welcome screen and click the "Continue" button.

    4. Manufacturers list and select Apple iPhone / iTouch + Room Devices list, and click "Continue".

    5. You can ignore the information on this screen and click "Continue".

    6. Now you are in the main interface of the program, click on the button "Add books" that are in the top left.

    7. Select the file you want to convert a PDF file. Epub and click "Open".

    8. Now click the small arrow that is next to the button "Edit meta information" in the window that opens on "download metadata and covers."

    9. At this point, Calibre will search and download from the web more information on PDF/ebook, you may need to manually enter the book title and author's name if the file has a generic name.

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    Re: How to read Epub file on Mac

    10. When it finds the additional metadata and a cover of the book, will appear in the lower pane of Calibre.

    11. Now you are going to make the conversion process, make sure that the PDF file is selected in the main list of books and then click the small arrow next to the button "Convert E-books" in the window that opens click on "Convert Individually"

    12. You'll see a small summary of information about the book, click the OK button.

    13. The time required for the completion of the conversion process varies depending on the size of your PDF/eBook.

    14. At the end of conversion will find the folder you selected in step 2 of this guide, you will find a copy of your eBooks in ePub format, and this is going to send the file to your iPad.

    15. Connect the iPad to your Mac or PC and launch iTunes, the iTunes menu, select File -> Add to Library (Add to Library)

    16. Go find the file ePub previously obtained, and having found and selected, click the button "Choose" (Select).

    17. The new file. Epub will now appear in the Books section of iTunes.

    18. Sync all your books to your iPad, iPad selected in iTunes and select the All Books "All books", your ePub Books will be on the list and click the Sync button.

    19. Now run the application on your iPad iBook and among the books you will find your ePub.

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    Re: How to read Epub file on Mac

    What I usually do is I just drag and drop my ebooks to my ipad using itunes.

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