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Thread: How to use Windows Live Messenger with Exchange

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    How to use Windows Live Messenger with Exchange

    It will just take a couple of minute for setting up Windows Live Messenger with Exchange, you can follow the below steps for connecting to a Microsoft Exchange mailbox using IMAP, anyways to get the advantage of the exchange mailbox features you will have to first get the free copy of Outlook 2007 for connecting to your mailbox., once you are ready with the download then follow the below steps.
    1. First open the Windows Live Mail and then click on Tools and then on account which will be there in the drop down menu
    2. Once the account gets opened then click on add which will there in the top right corner.
    3. Now select E-mail account and then click on next and then enter the full email address and then enter the mailbox password.
    4. When you are done until here then enter a display name in the next text box, I will like to add that is what most of the other users will be seeing in the inboxes rather than your email address, after that select the “Manually configure server settings for e-mail account” box and then click on next.
    5. After these just make sure that you have selected IMAP in the dropdown list and then enter the below details:
      • Incoming server text box: Enter
      • Incoming server port: should be set at 143.
      • This server requires a secure connection: Leave unchecked.
      • Log on using: Clear text authentication.
      • Logon ID: Enter the email address of your mailbox.
      • Outgoing mail (SMTP) server: Enter
      • Note: If you are unable to send email using port 25 then just change it to 225 or 587.
      • This server requires a secure connection (SSL): Leave unchecked.
      • My outgoing server requires authentication: Check this box.
    6. Recheck out the details that you have entered and then click next and Finish for setting up the account and then just close the new account wizard.
    7. You will be asked for the folders that you might be willing to show/hide in your mailbox when you will connect to the mailbox for the first time, so just select the folders that you might be willing to show you and then just click on ok and then you are done, the Windows Live mail has been configured for sending and receiving email from your Microsoft Exchange mailbox.

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    Re: How to use Windows Live Messenger with Exchange

    To provide more information, you can also use outlook for that purpose. There is no requirement to go with Windows Live Messenger. I found this a much easier process as you can get Outlook by default in Windows. I found this link which provides you in detail information regarding this. You can configure and setup a chat service with Microsoft Exchange here.

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