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Thread: How to Install Picasa 3.9 on Ubuntu

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    How to Install Picasa 3.9 on Ubuntu

    In this How to I will provide you steps to install Picasa 3.9 in Ubuntu operating system because installation of Picasa is not easy. The program Picasa manages all photos and videos on your system automatically according to the date when you have saved those images. Once you connect your digital camera with your computer, Picasa takes the new photos with one click. You can email. Print or export your favorite photographs. it allows you to edit your images, create slide shows, to send files in batch mode and share content online with very simple procedure. Moreover, in the latest version of the program, you have access to the "Face Movie" which allows you to mount compelling presentations in minutes. Finally, Picasa Photo Organizer includes a brand new tag recognition system, a sign of change and configuration (XMP, EXIF) that you can recognize exactly the changes made to each of the photos in your collections. In the new version 3.9 you can transfer content directly to Google + share and have a wider selection of editing tools. An overview of further changes to the latest version of Picasa you get on the official manufacturer's website. Picasa is a round-happy package for multi-clippers. The Google program is extremely easy to use, runs stable and offers the latest version even more functions around the image.

    Steps to install Picasa 3.9 in ubuntu.

    • First you have to Wine and Winetricks in your system. For installing that you need open terminal and enter following commands

      sudo apt-get install wine winetricks
    • if you have earlier version of ubuntu such as 10.4 then you have to install Winetricks with the help of below commands because repositories of earlier ubuntu does not have Winetricks.

      sudo mv winetricks /usr/local/bin/
      sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/winetricks
    • Once you complete with installing Wine and Winetricks in your system then you have to proceed with Picasa installation with the help of following command

      cd && wget
      wine picasa39-setup.exe
    • After installing Picasa 3.9 you need to install Internet Explorer 6 though Winetricks so that you can sign in to your Google account using Picasa. To install internet explorer with the help of Winetricks you have to use following command.

      winetricks ie6

    After doing above steps you have to start Picasa 3.9 in your system from the menu and then you have to login to your Google account from the login option which you will find on top right side of Picasa window. If you find any difficulties with this then let me know.

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    Re: How to Install Picasa 3.9 on Ubuntu

    I have followed above instruction but after entering command for internet explorer I get error which says ink not found and because of that I am not able to install internet explorer. now please tell me what should I do? Thank you in advance.

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    Re: How to Install Picasa 3.9 on Ubuntu

    There are many users who are facing problem with internet explorer, to solve this problem you need to manually download internet explorer from internet and then you have to exe file of internet explorer in to the /.cache/winetricks/ie/ folder. In the home folder Cache folder is hidden and that is why you have to use Ctrl and H key to view it. Now after doing that you have to open terminal and then enter following command

    winetricks ie6

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    Re: How to Install Picasa 3.9 on Ubuntu

    I was having some problem with google account login from the login option on top right coroner of Picasa and then I have open Tools and then selected Upload. Now after that I clicked on the Picasa Web Albums and then it asked me for sign in and entered details and after it sign in successfully I cancelled sign in box and my problem get solved. I hope it might be helpful for someone.

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