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How to Install Opera on Nokia N9

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Old 22-04-2012
Join Date: May 2008
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How to Install Opera on Nokia N9

Today we offer this guide to install on your Nokia N9 alternative web browser that almost everyone uses. We have translated the information to facilitate the work, so if interested in having an alternative browser to the default Nokia gives you just follow the step by step instructions that we report below, and if something should be clear your bearings with the steps that we propose below. One essential thing that must be specified at the start is that the version of the browser to Meego has not yet been certified by Nokia so you can install only through X-Terminal.

  • Activate the developer mode on your Nokia N9 by going into Settings> Security> Developer Mode;
  • Download directly from your N9 enclosed the file at bottom of page or alternatively you can download from your pc and transfer it to your phone via USB cable;
  • Launch X-Terminal clicking on the icon that is present in the application menu of your N9;
  • Access as root by typing "devel-su" (enter), and entering "rootme" (send) as the password;
  • Navigate to the Downloads directory using this command: "cd / home / user / MyDocs / Downloads (if you have transferred the file via cable access to the folder where you have copied from the PC);
  • Now start the installation using the following command: "dpkg-i * operamobile
  • Wait a few seconds and then you start Opera directly from your Nokia N9.
In case you want to uninstall total application proceed, always in developer mode, running the following commands from Terminal x-always with root permissions:
  • dpkg-r operamobile (for an uninstall 'soft')
  • dpkg-P operamobile (for uninstalling the 'complete')

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Old 22-04-2012
Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 162
Re: How to Install Opera on Nokia N9

Opera has released its long-awaited version for Meego. In my personal opinion, I think Opera is one of the best mobile browsers out there, far exceeding the default browser and even the version of Firefox for N9. It contains many features that enhance browser experience drastically in N9; hopefully Nokia will take official acts as your browser. You can download free from the Nokia Store. Widely recommended! Some new functions are:
  • Support for auto-rotation (in the four directions)
  • The buttons on the bottom of the screen behave properly
  • The Internet Connection dialog will open if you try to surf the web without being connected to Internet
You can download and install Opera Mobile 11.5 via the browser of your phone by default. However, if you prefer not to use the Ovi Store, you must enable this option: Setup → Applications → Facilities → allow installation of non-store sources, and then download the deb package.
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Old 26-04-2012
Join Date: Mar 2010
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Re: How to Install Opera on Nokia N9

Everyone knows that Opera is widely used web browser in most of the platform. No matter whether it is a smartphone, mobile phone, PDA, Tablet pc, server, desktop computer, laptop, netbook, gaming console, portable gaming console or any other handheld device, you can see Opera installed on it. If not, it is possible for you to get any compatible version of Opera in that device by just tweaking. Since it a most famous browser, we can see several known issues in it and they are:
  • Not optimized for energy saving
  • On-screen keyboard is not supported.
  • Adobe Flash or similar plug-ins supported.
  • No HTML5
  • Lacking Feedback haptic / vibration
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