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Old 21-04-2012
Join Date: Apr 2008
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Tips to overwrite D-Link DIR-615 router firmware with DD-WRT

Warning: First of all everyone over here note that this is not an authorized D-Link guide or Tips. As all the thinks which you will find over here are not official D-Link advice. But changing any device firmware however usually it is safe, but it can be a risk to your device if not done properly. So just read everything properly before doing anything.

Basically users are not happy with the firmware which is given by the company (D-Link) for DIR-615 routers. As if you see the hardware, DIR-615 router is a very good product of D-Link which has a very good performance. I know, by firmware update many issues have been solved but there are many more problem which can be also generated by doing that. As I have read, many users say that custom open source firmware called DD-WRT is a good one.

Now let?s start:

What is "DD-WRT"?

DD-WRT is an unofficial firmware for Linksys WRT54G/GS/GL and other 802.11g routers based on a reference design similar or equal to Broadcom. You can see the compatibility Supported Devices. These routers are designed to use Linux in the official firmware and source code available under GPL.

The firmware is developed by BrainSlayer. The first version of DD-WRT firmware is based on "Alchemy" from Sveasoft Inc, which in turn is based on the original firmware version from Linksys and other projects. DD-WRT was created because Sveasoft started charging 20$ to download their software.

Note: DD-WRT firmware is a beta, so it contains errors. It is recommended to install beta firmware on large networks such as companies, banks, etc. You can find a bugtracker at: DD-WRT Bugtracker (free registration required).

Basically installing a custom firmware on any D-Link devices can void the warranty of that product. But it does not completely voids the warranty as if the router is not fully fried you can any time flash the firmware back to factory restore and you will be able to get the warranty back. But yes let me tell you before only don?t blame me if it is not don?t properly.
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Old 21-04-2012
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 598
re: Tips to overwrite D-Link DIR-615 router firmware with DD-WRT

What are the characteristics of DD-WRT?

13 languages
? 802.1x (EAP (Extensible Authentication Protocol) encapsulation over LANs)
? Restrictions on Access
? Adhoc mode
? Afterburner
? Client Isolation Mode
Client Mode (supports multiple connected clients)
Client Mode WPA

? DHCP Forwarder
? DHCP server
? DNS forwarder
? Dynamic DNS
Hotspot Portal
Support for IPv6

Support for MMC / SD
? NTP client based on client-server architecture
? Port Triggering
? Port Forwarding (max. 30 entries)
From Bandwidth Management QoS (Optimized for Games and Network Services / Network Mask (Netmask) / MAC / Ethernet Port Priority)
? QoS L7 Packet Classifier
? PPTP VPN Server and Client
? Remote Ntop statistics with
? Syslog to remote server
? RFlow / MACupd
Routing: Static entries and Gate (Gateway), BGP, OSPF & RIP2 via
? Samba FS Automount
? Antenna Rx / Tx (Select or Auto)
? Displays the status of the wireless clients and WDS together with the running time indicator of the System / Processor Utilization
Site Survey
? SSH server and client
? Scripts of Beginning, Firewall, and Shutdown
? Static IP address assignment via DHCP
? Style (Changeable GUI; v.23)
? Supports New Devices (WRT54G V3, V3.1, V4, V5 and WRT54GS V2.1, V3, V4)
? Telnet server and client
Transmit Power Adjustment (0-251mW, default is 28mW, 100mW is safe)
? UPnP
? Customer Wake On Lan
? WDS Connection Supervisor
? WDS Repeater Mode
? Wireless MAC Address Cloning
? Wireless MAC Address Filtering
? WMM (Wi-Fi MultiMedia QoS)
? WPA over WDS
? WPA / TKIP with AES
? Xbox Kaid

How to install DD-WRT on a D-Link Dir-615 Router?

In the Support section -> Router Database official site you will find the firmware for D-Link Dir-615 for the hardware versions of C1, C2, D1, D2, D3, D4, E1, E3 and E4 but not for the E5.

What I've done is download the following file of 13MB. Mod_Dir-615_E5_5.11BR.zip. This file contains 4 files BIN firmware?s that you should install in that order.

The procedure is simple, see how to do it:

1. Press the RESET button on your DIR-615 and you make sure you take the factory settings.
2. You connect Ethernet cable NEVER USE WIFI to upgrade the firmware.
3. You access the web admin interface -> Tools -> Firmware
4. Climb each of the firmware. The first and the second file is firmware for DLINK and the router takes the IP 192.168. 0.1, the third and fourth file is firmware DD-WRT and the router takes the IP 192.168. 1.1

When you upload the fourth firmware file, your router will be ready and able to devote yourself to enjoy the wonderful DD-WRT on your D-Link Dir-615 E5.

And let me also tell you that while trying this I had flashed 3 routers?
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Old 21-04-2012
Join Date: Apr 2008
Posts: 598
re: Tips to overwrite D-Link DIR-615 router firmware with DD-WRT

How to update a new DD-WRT?

Once you have installed DD-WRT is very easy to upgrade to a newer version or revert to a previous version.

What do we need?
? Firmware to install
? A browser
? Be connected to the router via a network cable
? A computer UPS for the PC and router if there are problems with the electric current

Before you start remember to note the current settings of your router, because a firmware update resets all settings to their factory default (or developer). I personally do not recommend you use the Backup function (Backup)-Restore (Restore) when it involves a change in firmware version between these steps, i.e. only guarantee that there still work correctly if the firmware version X and if in the future you restore that backup to your router with DD-WRT version of X.

Restart your router

The first thing to do is to clear NVRAM and set in the same factory defaults on your router, this is achieved by performing the technique of hard reset.

Hard reset not the same as giving Reset to factory defaults, the difference is that the hard reset performs an additional step cleaning NVRAM just before initializing it with the factory settings.

Updating the firmware

Now go to the Administration tab below and click on Firmware Upgrade.

And we click on Browse/Browse and select the file .bin that contains the firmware that we will install.

Now we review quickly if the path and file with the firmware is correct.

Then we click the Upgrade button to start the upgrade process


Once the process is started it should not be interrupted, as it will take around 3-4 minutes.

Examples of interruptions to be avoided:
? It goes out or disconnect the router
? You close your browser window
? Open another page or site in the browser window where you are upgrading, also includes click stop or refresh button.
? Disconnect the network cable.
? If you did it for wireless (at your own risk, many times there may be some interference and packet loss or even the same connection to the router)

Be patient and let the update to finish, you can check the status bar of your browser located on the bottom. Once you finish loading the file to the router automatically starts the installation (or writing to flash memory) that lasts a few seconds. Once completed the results will show, similar to the next screen, it is important to say that the update was successful (Successful).

Let it finish and we moved to the administration console in the default IP address:

Remember that the default password is:
User: root
Pass: admin

However when you just installed it warns us that it is unsafe to use the factory key and asks us to change them. Resets the settings again!

Many problems are because you forget this step because many variables are modified nvram especially among developing versions and end up being inconsistent or not available, so we have to do again the hard reset.
Finished, you just have to configure the router

And we've reached the goal, we have DD-WRT updated the right way!

How to restore the original D-Link factory firmware?

Get the latest firmware from D-Link's support site for your region. There you have to go to Emergency Room Web interface and installation the firmware. Flash the firmware file from the Emergency Room Web interface.
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