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Thread: How to Install Daemon Tool on Linux

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    How to Install Daemon Tool on Linux

    DAEMON Tools is a peripheral emulator for Windows Virtual CD-DVD unable to mount disk images to DVD, CD, HD DVD or Blu-ray on a virtual device. In practice, it creates CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray add to our PC as if they were present at the hardware level so as to read an image file CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray (of usual. iso or. mdf) as if they were actually inserted the CD that correspond to this image.

    Like the other emulators, Daemon Tools is developed for the user who does not want to directly access the data saved on a CD to prevent it from wear and loss of information. Provide cost-effective use when you want, for example, use different software on a laptop while on the go: the user simply emulate the images saved on the hard disk drive that interest them rather than carry around, physically, all CD.

    They can also be loaded many images simultaneously on different virtual devices. The software companies that develop video games are trying to combat the spread of Daemon Tools because, by emulating the CD images, the user is easy to copy and use copyrighted software. For this reason, many producers put in their control programs on emulated devices, if among these is that of Daemon Tools, the program will refuse to leave or would try uninstalling the emulation program.

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    Re: How to Install Daemon Tool on Linux

    Daemon tool is the very good Windows program which is basically used to edit pictures. For Linux there is a choice which can do, for which we have to first generate a new mount point which would be blank and then we have to mount the image. So we must create the mount point

    sudo mkdir /media/iso
    After you have created that you need to load the loop module in the kernel

    sudo modprobe loop
    And after this is done you need to mount the ISO image

    sudo mount xyz.iso /media/iso/ -t iso9660 -o loop
    As you do this you will be able to see the new drive which is created on my desktop. Now if you need to remove the image you need to make

    sudo umount /media/iso
    But an image nrg and if you do nto want to install UBuntu. I would provide you with the solution to this query and for doing this you need to install Nrg2iso by using this code

    sudo apt-get install
    this would work with the below code

    nrg2iso [immagine nrg] [immagine iso]
    But if your GUI starts lagging then you need to use gmountiso

    sudo apt-get install gmountiso
    And in practice is a pygtk interface that does the job just explained.

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