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Thread: How to Install Shockwave on Ubuntu

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    How to Install Shockwave on Ubuntu

    How to install Shockwave on Ubuntu using wine

    Shockwave is a multimedia player and widely used for Internet gambling. The Shockwave player is available only for Windows. Ubuntu to run on Wine is needed. We need to install Wine on your system and run Ubuntu Firefox from it.

    • Download Wine: Open a terminal and run the command as administrator:

    sudo apt-get install wine
    • Download Firefox: Downloaded Firefox for Windows

    • Installation of Firefox: Install it using wine (remember the path where installed):

    wine firefox.exe
    • Download Shockwave: Run firefox.exe with wine, in my case, I installed at: / home / manu / firefox_windows /

    wine / home / manu / firefox_windows / firefox.exe
    Install Macromedia Shockwave Player without using wine

    This tutorial will be about how to install the Macromedia Shockwave player from a practical and effective so that we do not have to run wine every time you want to use it. This will serve mainly to play online games. I tried it on Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon in its 32-bit and it runs smoothly.

    First of all explain the method we use. What we do is install the Internet Explorer through a script that will download directly from this thread. Then, with the Explorer proceed to install Shockwave. Now we go step by step.

    Preparing to install

    For the script to work first we have to install wine and cabextract packages. These will be used only for the installation of Explorer and need not execute every time we use that browser. To do this, we must first enable the universe repository.

    System> Administration> Software Sources

    Once there, go to the Ubuntu Software tab and check the box that says Free Software community maintained (universe). Then click Close, and then reload. Download the information from the repositories and close the window.

    Installing the script needed to
    This step is very simple; you only install wine and cabextract installed. We have two possibilities:
    • Graphically

    System> Administration> Synaptic Package Manager

    Once there you click on any of the packages so it becomes highlighted. Then type wine and wine will be highlighted automatically. To select it you double click. Write cabextract, and in the same way you give double-click to select it. If you ask for any dependencies (additional changes) you must click on OK and to set up click Apply. In the next window also Apply. It will download and install these packages.

    • For a terminal

    Put the following command and follow the instructions
      sudo apt-get install wine cabextract
    Download the Script
    You can do it from THIS LINK. As you see, is called IEs 4 Linux.

    Installing the Script
    • Open a terminal and go to the directory where the compressed file was downloaded
    • Once there decompress the file with the command:
      tar zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
    • Then we move to the directory where you unzipped the file:
      ies4linux cd-*
    • Once there proceed to execute the script.

    You have basically two possibilities:
    • What I recommend is to do the installation without GUI and install default Internet Explorer 6.0 with Adobe Flash Player (Shockwave not yet). For that, put in the terminal the following command and follow the instructions.

     ./ies4linux - no-gui
    • However, if you want a graphical interface that allows you to manually configure some options such as installing explorer version or plugins that will bring, you can run the script without the - no-gui.

    Installing Shockwave.

    Once the installer is finished, go to your folder which is on your desktop. Open it. From explorer agrees to the shockwave download page. You will get a security warning and you must put "Yes". Then start loading the bar on the site. When finished, you will be asked to select language. After that loads a while and it finishes. When you see "Installation Complete", you will already have Shockwave installed.

    Final details

    Well if you are interested in having an icon to run the explorer from your desktop is as simple as putting on a terminal
      mv / home / user / Desktop/ies4linux * / home / user / Desktop
    Of course you must replace user by your username. Another thing that can happen is that when accessing the site to install the Shockwave, rather than get out the window of the security warning you get it to download a file. Then choose to open. Then launches a while and you can select the language. Then you will something like "Installation Successful".

    I hope this guide has been useful, especially to those who did not have the Shockwave or to those who have Firefox running under Windows with Wine and walked them unstable. I think it goes without say that the explorer should use it ONLY when you need shockwave. For everything else is Firefox, IceWeaseal, or what they may.

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    Re: How to Install Shockwave on Ubuntu

    This thread is very useful for me. i have followed the method to install Shockwave player using Wine.

    Everyone know that using Wine, you can install and run any Windows apps on Ubuntu. No matter whether it is a game, app, web browser or any other kind of program. You can run on it. But the problem is some apps wont work normally and shows instability. For those we have to follow installation without using Wine.

    However i didn't follow the method without using the Wine. i will try this soon. I assume that the script which you have given may not be compatible with the latest version of Ubuntu OS. If anyone tried this with latest Ubuntu 11, it would be better if he post his experience over here.

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