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Thread: How to Run iTunes on Linux

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    How to Run iTunes on Linux

    WE know that it is impossible to install iTunes in Linux using Wine and even usually give a lot of problems. It will not be the same program would enjoy in Windows or Mac. So far many music players and photo viewers have tried to timing of iPod / iPhone, but it isstill lacking interactivity, simplicity and elegance which can get from iTunes. Even with version 10.04 of Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) will give us the ability to synchronize our devices with Linux through programs such as Rhythmbox, but without reaching the effectiveness of iTunes.

    This guide describes step by step how to Apple iTunes in Ubuntu. These instructions will also work with other Debian -based Linux distributions, e.g. Knoppix , Ubuntu , Linux Mint , Debian itself, etc. This guide is based on Ubuntu 10.04, Wine 1.3 beta, iTunes 9.2. Unfortunately, iTunes 10 does not currently using Wine (as of version 1.3 beta).

    Part 1: To install the latest version of Wine in Ubuntu

    • Start Synaptic from the menu "System> Administration> Synaptic Package Manager".
    • Click Synaptic menu> Settings> Repositories. "
    • Select the tab "Other Software"
    • Click on "Add".
    • Enter in the "APT line" as follows: ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa
    • Click on "Add Source software package."
    • Click in the "Software Sources" to "Close".
    • Menu, click "Reload Edit> Package Information".
    • Menu, click on "Edit> Find."
    • Enter in the "search" the following: wine
    • Select from the drop down "Browse", select "Name".
    • Click on "Search".
    • Right-click on "wine1.3" and click on the shortcut menu "Mark for Installation".
    • Menu, click "Apply Edit> Noted changes. '
    • Click "Apply".

    Once Wine is installed and ready, you can close Synaptic.
    Part 2: How to install iTunes on Ubuntu

    • After installing Wine, make sure you have the package "ubuntu-restricted-extras" installed, so iTunes can play MP3 and ACC. You can download and install using the following command:
      $ Sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras
    • Then download iTunes. Once you have finished downloading iTunes, navigate to your download folder and make it executable:
      $ chmod +x iTunesSetup.exe
    • Now you can install iTunes using Wine, right click on the iTunes installer and click the "Open with Wine". After this, you should see the iTunes installation window.
    • Install iTunes the way you install it on Windows. The installer can guide a bit during installation but do not worry and get it over.
    • ITunes sometimes crashes the first time you run, how to solve the problem is to reboot the system. After rebooting, you can open iTunes, once again, following the route Applications -> Wine -> Programs -> iTunes.

    Although, it will not run as fast as you would in a Windows environment, it works pretty well and is usable in Linux.

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    Re: How to Run iTunes on Linux

    iTunes yet is not available for Linux. That could soon change. Apple does not always decide to offer a version of its jukebox for Unix Geeks, but one company says it wants to do the job instead of Apple. CodeWeavers , which specializes in programs for rotating Windows programs on Linux, propose with version 3.1 of its CrossOver Office can run iTunes, in fact thanks to Wine. Because it is capable to run most of the Windows apps without any problem. But make sure that it is recommended for normal use. The beta of CrossOver Office is available only to registered users. The final version, it is expected by the end of the year.

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