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Thread: How to Install Tally on Mac Operating System

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    How to Install Tally on Mac Operating System

    Tally is a famous accouting software used widely in India. Rightnow the application is only available for Windows. Those you are using Linux can use Tally via Wine. But what if you own a Mac system and want to use Tally on that. There are three ways of using Tally on a Mac system. First by Virtualization, Second by Bootcamp and third by using a Emulator. By Virtualization application like Vmware you can install Windows XP or Windows 7 inside Mac operating system. The only requirement of this that whatever Mac system you have it must support Virtualization Technology. Second via BootCamp you can install Windows XP on a Mac system. BootCamp help you to use two operating system at a time and you can install Tally in that. Very less modification is done to the system and Tally works same as it works in Windows. I will provide both the procedure here. Third using a Emulator tool. A Emulator tool like CrossOver allows you to run Windows software on Mac. You just need to install this in the Mac system. It works same like Wine work in Linux. But there is very less guarantee for software stability. Till yet there are unknown reasons why Tally is not available for Mac operating system. That be due to low popularity of Mac operating system in India. But today the scenario is different. A number of Mac users in India is increasing.

    Installing Tally is not a big deal. You just need to prepare your Mac system to run Windows that's all. A small part of your partition will be used by Windows to run Windows based application. Read below for detailed steps.

    Install Tally using Vmware on Windows

    Download Vmware Fusion 4. This application is recommended for any user. It is easiest way to switch to Windows without rebooting your system. It works same like a Windows PC.

    Steps :
    • Download and Install Vmware Fusion on your Mac System. Run Vmware and choose the New Virtual Machine Assistant
    • This is the process to create a Virtual Machine. Click on Continue
    • Now from the 2 drop down box choose Operating System : Microsoft Windows & in second Version : Microsoft Windows XP. Click on Continue
    • Type a Name for the Virtual Machine.
    • Now you will have to configure the Hard Drive settings for Windows XP. This is the curcial part which determine the amount of space used by Virtual Machine. The space which consumed by Windows is a file in your Mac system. A file can be of 10 to 20GB. So in Virtual Hard Disk box allocate a size. I will recommend to put 20GB. Or else even 10GB will do. Put this figure in Disk Size box. Leave other settings as it is and click on Continue.
    • You are on Windows Easy Install Box now. Tick on User Easy Install. Add the required information name, password, windows product key, etc. Tick on the option Make your home folder accessible to Virtual Machine and Choose Read Only from drop down menu.
    • Now you will need to provide Windows XP Installation Disc. Insert the Disc and Tick on Start Virtual Machine and Install Operating System Now. From below option choose
    • Use Operating System Installation Disc. If you have Image file then also you can install it without the disc. Just choose another option and browse appropriate location. Click on Finish.
    • One the Virtual Machine Start you can see the following screen :

    • Windows Installation work same as you install via bootable disc. The proces is easy here. Once you are done reboot the virtual machine once. Windows will configure itself to run Vmware tool which act as bridge between your Windows and Mac system.
    • The settings tab help you to configure other settings for Virtual Machine.
    • Now just copy Tally Setup in the Virtual Machine. You can directly download, use a disc or usb drive for the same. Install Tally and use it on Windows. All important data of
    • Tally goes on C:/Tally/Data. If you backup this folder you can copy paste this in any other similar Tally version and use it.

    Install Tally via Bootcamp

    Bootcamp is another alternative for Mac system to run Windows software. Bootcamp helps you to run Windows as an alternate operating system in your Mac system. The only requirement to run Bootcamp is that your Mac system should be Intel based only. It is much simpler to install and use.
    • Download Bootcamp in your Mac system. After download you can see three files. Bootcamp setup guide, bootcampassistant.pkg and read before you install. Run bootcampassistant.pkg. The first part consist of a short introduction then comes the License part and then the final part where you have to provide Windows Installation Configuration.
    • You have to now provide a Destination for Windows Installation. You can see the Macintosh disk on screen. Click on it and then click on Continue. Provide your login credentials and click on OK

    If you face a error that Boot Camp Assistant cannot be used then click on Quit button and go on official Apple Site. Download all the latest update and firmware and retry the installation.
    • Now you can see a small Read me content on the screen. Click Ok and Continue.
    • Create a Second Partition Box lets you to create a dedicated space for Windows. By default Boot Camp will provide a space. You can click on Partition to initiate the process or customize the space as per your choice.
    • After that click on Start Windows Installation. Windows setup will begin. The process is same which is done via bootable disc. Remember the size of partition and choose the same at the time of Windows Installation. Then choose FAT file system to format the partition.
    • Configure the drivers after installation. When you are done on boot you can see two menu first is Mac and second Windows. Choose Windows.
    • Install Tally and other Windows software on it. It work smoothly.

    Using Emulators to Run Tally on Mac

    Emulators are those tools which provide cross platform compatibility. There are many emulators for Mac. I am listing some of them which will help you to use Windows software on Mac. But I will not recommend you to use this. The reason is there are chances that many of your application might not work properly. But just for a start you can give a chance as this is the most easy method where you do not require to do any major modification.

    Crossover :
    This is one of the best emulator you can try. It runs lots of Windows tools on Mac without error. There is no need of reboot the system to get in Windows. Crossover also supports Tally. But the same is not tested yet. The only version which is found to be stable is Tally.ERP 9 Series A Release 1.1. You can give a try. Unfortunately this too is not for free. You have to buy the same. Also there is no trail version provided to run the test.

    iEmulator : iEmulator is another high performance tool for Mac. The only condition to use this emulator is that your Mac system must be Intel based only. The tool is tested with number of Windows application and it worked well. This tool payable and you cannot get a free version of this for a trial.

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    Re: How to Install Tally on Mac Operating System

    I got some alternative accounting software for Mac against Tally. I do not think there will be a Mac version of Tally operating system. There are three software which you can use for accounting purpose in Tally. They are BS1 Accounting, Postbooks & GnuCash. This three of them are easy and nice alternative in place of Tally. You can test them and use the one you like.

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