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Thread: Tips to discover and installing apps from outside of the Android market

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    Tips to discover and installing apps from outside of the Android market

    Well Android market is amazing source of thousands of apps. However there are some apps which are really important one but they are not available in the market itself. Below mentioned quick steps will help you out to install those apps which are not available in Android market.

    Step 1
    To find out non market app.

    It seems to be the biggest step and mostly you will find out any app accidentally. If you are wanted to use Google or website such as Droid-Life then it supposed to be great option. However you can get the idea about the non market app from the Android community itself. Normally Android lovers are posting about those app.

    I know below mentioned websites which are providing non market app which users are not able to get from Android market.
    • Slide Android Market
    • AndAppStore

    Step 2
    To verify whether selected non market app is in correct file format.

    The non market app which you are supposed to be download should have an apk extension. FYI apk stands for Android Package. it means that its an Android app installer.

    Steps 3
    Download APK file on your Android phone

    Normally you will download any file into the default download folder of your browser. Once you have downloaded the file you should simply place the same at most suitable place.

    Steps 4
    Configure your Android phone so that you can do non market installation on your device.

    It consist of below mentioned steps.

    • Go for Menu and Tap on Settings and look for Applications.
    • From Applications you have to simply check box which is labeled as Unknown Sources.

    Steps 5
    Now you have to download and install Android file manager on your Android phone

    For your information you can also make use of Android SDK to perform installation of APK files. However normally people supposed to prefer to make use of file manager app which available for free in Android Market. I would recommend to make use of free Apps Installer however there are number of great free apps as well as paid third party versions.

    Steps 6
    Installing non market app on your Android Phone

    The installation process is consist of below mentioned steps
    • Launch File Manager and select Install option
    • Now navigate to downloaded APK file and select the same.
    • Tap on ok and continue with on screen instructions if you are getting any. By Default it is hands-free process.

    Steps 8
    Finally Secure Android

    Its an optional steps. However you can do the same by using below mentioned steps.
    • Go for Menu and Select Settings.
    • Now go for Applications and uncheck Unknown Sources checkbox.

    If you are using Android SDK then you should use below mentioned steps instead of Steps # 5 and Steps # 6.
    1. First you should download as well as install Google Android SDK on computer.
    2. Enter adb on command shell so that you can get access to SDK Tool.
    3. Now you have to install Android USB drivers on your computer.
    4. The above mentioned drivers are not same as general windows drivers in fact they are especially developed for SDK.

    5. Once done connect your Android Phone with your computer through USB.
    6. Disable USB storage. You can do the same by using below mentioned steps.
      • Press Settings and go for SD card & phone storage.
      • Here you have to disable Use for USB storage.

    7. Now you are ready to install the app. You have to enter adb install full_filepath_and_filename
    8. Finally you have to enable USB Storage.
      • Go for Press Settings and select SD card & phone storage.
      • After that enable Use for USB storage.

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    Re: Tips to discover and installing apps from outside of the Android market

    The best way to install that is via sd card. Copy a tons of app on your sd card insert that and then simply run the installation. Also the app which you do not want can be removed as per your choice. I use Titanium backup for that. It is a nice tool that can be used to restore your phone data. So this helps me to get my old data back when needed.

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