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Tips to customize your camera Flash light for better picture

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Old 24-03-2012
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Tips to customize your camera Flash light for better picture

mainly the term photography is associated with painting with light. If managed to get how to make use of ambient light and camera's flash would let you to get improved photo. If you are doing everything correct but you are not having correct light then you will not get the best photograph.

You should diffuse the light source as much as possible

It is basic principle to get the best photo. You can have shoot into an overcast situation. you can also wait till sun goes behind of the cloud. I think you are aware of that you will be able to get the better result when you are supposed to bounce the camera flash or you can make use of adapter which would diffuse the light. If you are able to get broader light source which would create software and attractive light on the subject of yours.

If you use a arrow light beam which is coming from the flash or Sun then it would create sharp shadows and high contrast. If you had diffused the light over big area then you will be able to soften the light as well as reduce the contrast. It would give you more pleasing experience on your light. Now you are concluded that diffusing or broadening the narrow light source would de-harshen the photography of yours, also after using them subject would become more attractive.

Keep the light source away to get less effect on the subject.

There are couple of things are associated which I would like to discuss over here.
As per the Laws of Physics, ‘brightness diminishes as the square of the distance.’ For eg if your light 5 feet away from the subject then you have to move your subject to 10feet. Your subject would get the quarter of the light from where it was started. With respect to Photography terms it has been known as two-stop change in exposure.

Another thing is that moving light wont make any effect on the back ground. The above mentioned thing is only applicable when the background sufficient enough away from your subject. If you are supposed to taking the photograph at the outdoor location. You will be able to move your light quite closer to make changes in the relative exposure on the subject of yours. Background supposed to expose in the same manner until and unless you have kept the camera settings.

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Old 24-03-2012
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Re: Tips to customize your camera Flash light for better picture

Light has color

Actually light is not a colorless substance. It is having definite color associated with the same. it is well known as color temperature and it can be measured into degrees Kelvin. The camera which you are using having color temperature control which is also known as a white balance. Normally people are supposed to keep the same as Auto. However on the basis of camera which you are using you will be able to select dial on the specific temperature setting or you can select lighting mode such as Sunset, Overcast, Tungsten, Florescent, or Candlelight.

Below mentioned are the common settings which will be useful to you.
  • Twilight = 12000
  • Daylight shade = 7500
  • Overcast = 6500
  • Early morning or late afternoon = 4300
  • Sunrise and sunset = 3000
  • Candle light = 2000

The camera which you are using might cause Red Eye.

If you are using low light then eyes of the subject is fully dilated so that it can see better. When your flash is supposed to go off then light is going to reflect the red retina which is located at the back side of the eye. It gives your eye demonic glow. The only reason why red eye is happening because flash is quite closer to the camera lens. Light is traveling to your eye and reflects into straight back and it simply getting caught by the lens.

You can avoid the same by using any of the following remedies.
  • You should not shoot in dark situations.
  • You should not turn off flash and relay on the ambient light.
  • You should not put any distance between flash and camera lens.

As far as I know users who are having Digital SLR are making use of the last option which I have stated above. You will be able to hold external flash on your hand and mount the same on the flash bracket or it can bounce to wall or ceiling.
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