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Thread: Tips to Connect Xbox 360 on Dual Screen

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    Tips to Connect Xbox 360 on Dual Screen

    So far had not found any way to play multiplayer on a split screen where two people play each with their view on different monitors.

    Player 1 - Monitor 1 / Player 2 - monitor 2.

    I have searched and searched, but nothing for this xbox 360 and it was impossible, we could duplicate display (Clone) or as the forced connect multiple consoles but not separating say.

    Well today in a somewhat casual and surprising, at last, I've got a point that is only valid for games with vertically split screen, not valid for horizontal. It is also valid to expand the image to two monitors. There is some loss in image quality, but the pros stand on this, there is no lag or anything unusual. As I say to use in multiplayer split-screen two-player game should be vertically, not horizontally, as the expander each player will go to a monitor. I tested it with borderlands and Ghost Recon, there were no problems.
    I'm finishing testing and assembling all, I have the loading chamber to record a video and get some pictures to upload everything and put all the necessary data.

    This is valid for xbox, xbox 360 and Ps3. To use it as shown for 2 players - 2 monitors, such games should be used vertically split screen, you can do together a list of games that use it, also studied the possibility of using also those going horizontally.

    Material used:

    DualHead2Go Analog card

    Mega-Cool VGA Xcm

    Component Cable, logically, according to the console to use it for yours

    You need two monitors to vga cable and one VGA output goes to the Mega-Cool to the DualHead2Go. To use 2 monitors, I checked that can be mixed inches.

    Below explanations, pictures, pros and cons.

    For once all connected; we turn on the console. We must have the component output to 1080p HD (before I had it at 720p. but giving lap I managed to put a 1080 with the image centered and I have seen that in addition to improving the image and fairly, then divide the time 2 players both displays complete and focused, so that to make adjustments)

    Then we have to leave the xbox 360 expanded menu:

    As you will see is a bit stretched (deformed), this is more suitable for 4:3 monitors since the image does not expand as in a panoramic or one of these last but which permits to 4:3 all. The new touch to 1080p stretching is less noticeable and even still less, almost negligible in 4:3 monitors.

    This is with two 19 "monitors are not very good image to say. Also add that for someone who has a large screen, it does not care to send two monitors to play with its departure, as the playing surface for each player is good but for anyone who plays for example a 19 " and has to split.

    If you see the menu with a black stripe on the right side of the second monitor as you will see the image is not centered as there are two options. Press the xbox guide button on the remote (the ball or the call center each) and automatically focus, if you see not then restart the console again and test again, this time sure whether to remain as the previous photo, centered.

    Here I make a point, if not once you connected all looks like the image, and instead you have cloned the two monitors, you have to go changing the resolution in the Mega-cool vga Xcm (or similar model) until you appear Said resolution at which it occurs we are looking at 720 as I recall. Well we even start the game by accessing split-screen that we will leave each player on a monitor.

    As I put after 1080, no need to regulate and the image is more focused on the screen with more field of view and better quality, if you look over previous photos at 720p monitor the gun right is more visible than before:

    Well that's it, I hope it has been clear:

    if anyone had doubts or if someone needs to check if anything in then feel free to post below. I can see that the possibility of playing some games with a more independent on each monitor. The cons, as are also the materials and the cost is clear, the loss of graphic quality.

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    Re: Tips to Connect Xbox 360 on Dual Screen

    There is a nice app that released for Xbox called as SmartGlass. This app helps you to have Xbox screen anywhere you want. So that is quiet better for those who are looking for having easy dual screen support. You can find this app for various platform and it is the most easiest to use. I am not sure how it actually works. But I saw a short video review of this application which showed it very functional.

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