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Thread: How to write Blogs faster

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    How to write Blogs faster

    I know that the skill for writing is one of the most important thing to make the blog leaving. I have recently started my blog and want you people to give me some suggestion that how can I write blog faster to make the success of the site. If you have some idea regarding this then please post that over here.

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    Re: How to write Blogs faster

    You must keep a list of ideas. Ever you sat and looked at a blank document on the screen, not knowing what to write? This happens to most of the bloggers. However, there is an easy way to solve this problem. Create a list of ideas (this can be on paper, an online tool, or on your PC). Whenever an idea occurs to you, go and make a list. It is very good, spend 10 minutes each day to maintain your list of ideas. You see, as soon as you no shortage of ideas again.

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    Re: How to write Blogs faster

    You must plan before you write. If you are deleting paragraphs or starting the entire article again, then the problem is not with your writing, it is with your planning. Before starting any message, type:
    • Your topic (or title) is the first sentence on your site
    • "Introduction"
    • Several key points you want to cover: these could be elements of a list
    • "Conclusion" and "Call to Action"

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    Re: How to write Blogs faster

    You must stay away from the distractions while writing blog. Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Skype, Gmail ... all are great tools, but also great distractions. Close it when you're writing. If you do not want to spend several hours with each article, be honest with yourself.

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    Re: How to write Blogs faster

    Many writers try to combine two separate stages: writing and editing. Write a sentence or two, and immediately erased and rewritten. Writing is a creative process, and your focus should be on getting the raw material. While you're writing, you can kill your creativity and fluidity. When you write the first draft of your article, you must focus on it from start to finish. That is, you can fix minor grammatical errors, or modify sentences.

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    Re: How to write Blogs faster

    It sometimes happens that in the middle of an article you're writing, you realize that you need to find a fact or a link. This makes it tempting to go for what you need ... but this may break your concentration. When you have a link to a particular fact to place information in the article, leave a space. Put "XXXXXXX" or something similar in the text and highlight it with another color (it will be easy to detect when editing). In this way, you can searches all the facts you need in a lot research. I hope that you will get more and more replies on tis soon.

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    Re: How to write Blogs faster

    If you are clear with the points that what you want to write before going for actually writing this then you can write the blogs faster and make sure that you are not busy with some other activity along with that.

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