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Thread: Minecraft 1.0 Tips and Tricks

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    Minecraft 1.0 Tips and Tricks

    Minecraft 1.0 is out now and it has much better than the predecessors. It is a kind of sandbox building game where you keep making blocks and survive. The game is widely played game. The current version has some very important additions. The quest and some of the map stuff. The modern game offers more features and support. The game has some quest and levels which you finish and then at the end mess with the final boss. There are also minor changes and adjustment in the game. More plants and breeding support provided with better adjustment to armor and combat. Right now the game is available or both single and multiplayer. It is possible to get the game data files. This are like save games or profiles which can be restored back when needed. In Windows this files are located in %appdata%. Just type this in My Computer address bar and hit enter. You can see the game folder. Backup that.

    The current version of Minecraft offers a texture pack support. That means you can use different texture and skins in the game. You just need to unzip the texture or skin in the data directory of minecraft which is located inside %appdata%. Minecraft 1.0 has many changes. It is not able to find all of them. Many changes you can notice while playing the game. Some of them are, you can breed multiple animals at a time. Just give them some wheat they will produce more. It is possible to combine multiple weapons and tools. This can fix the damage part.

    Minecraft Quick Tips :
    • It is possible to use lava in place of wood or coal. It burns for more more longer time.
    • The direction of sun and the moon remains common. This is best for finding direction.
    • It is recommended that when you are making a house, do not use wood. In case of fire you can loose the house.
    • Use the sneak button when you want to move quietly. By pressing that your speed is reduced and you can also avoid fall from block edges.
    • The day and night duration last for around 10 mins.
    • It is possible to replant the trees. When you had cut the trees then just leave it for sometime. You can pickup the shoot and then replant the same. They grow quiet fast.
    • There is a way to survive when you are dealing with monster. Switch the game difficulty level to peaceful so that you can gain some point in the night. As in peaceful mode the monster do not attack in night.
    • When you are making a long tower, then you can place blocks of water on the ground. This will allow you to get less damage from falls.
    • Hide your assets in your house. By this way you can avoid losing them.
    • It is necessary to learn about the tools. Any tools which is used for wrong purpose can wear out very fast.
    • Bridges are some kind of tough thing to make in minecraft. There is way for that. Move to the edge slowly and as you can seen the glimpse of block face add the block.
    • As soon as you spawn it is recommended that you move around the area and look around. Go to a mountain and get a glimpse of the entire place.

    Playthrough tips

    Wood : When you begin playing the game you must first start finding ample of wood. There are many wood in the area. You can collect the same by moving to the nearest part and cut the tree down. You can simply kep on cutting the trees and collect the same. Once you are done with the tree thing, you can start working on shelter. It is important to find a decent place for the shelter and you should start with Stone and coal. Go towards the mountain and find the black blocks. In mountain the black blocks are coal. It is recommended to put your wood in the crafting part of your house. Crafting is important point in Minecraft. It is possible to craft small items directly from the crafting table. You can craft almost eveyr tools in the game. To begin with this click the inventory and then click no wood. Produce plans and go for the table. You have to create 4 plans and then click on craft.

    Pickaxe : Pickaxe is necessary for collecting stone or coal. This are important resources. For that you will need to use pickaxe. This is made of wood. For that you will need five plans of wood. You can sue the crafting table for the same.

    Accumulating Resources : Once you are done with your word and axe thing you must now starting collecting the resources. You can begin from stone. This is somewhat easy to start and very easily found. Below 9 stone blocks you can find cobblestone. By using this you can make stone tools. Make swords. They are quiet helpful in case of dealing with monsters and animals. Pickaxe made of stone is much more durable then wooden one.

    Collecting Animals : This is also a another important part of game. Start from collecting wool. To get wool you will have to kill a sheep. To find animals you will need to move near grass blocks. They will appear nearby. Killing cows, pigs and chickens will give you more food. In the latest update of the game feeding is made important or you will keep on loosing health points.

    Digging in Minecraft : It is recommended that you do not digg straight down or else you can fall on lava or on creature below. Second also do not dig straight to the up side. Because there you can fall below which can kill you.

    How to build a shelter

    There are many methods of making a shelter. You can make that on a open ground by using wood, stone or etc or you can make a shelter in a cave. This are natural shelter which does not have much to do. Or you can dig a hole inside a ground on a hill. This are places where you can create shelter. You must collect the following for survival. The first is light. Light is important as you need you see in dark and it also keeps the animals away. Wall are another part which should be created to protect you from direct attack. You can use bricks, or stones, etc to create the same. Later thing is to create a door by using planks in your shelter.

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    Re: Minecraft 1.0 Tips and Tricks

    This are just beginners tips. I follow minecraft wiki guide which has more information for advance players. Sometime really the game gives hard time. There are some stuff which I had till yet not able to understand clearly.

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