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Thread: Ice Cream Sandwich 10 Best Features

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    Ice Cream Sandwich 10 Best Features

    Some great feature provided by Ice Cream Sandwich for Android. I just like to share that feature with you all guys. Last week, Google and Samsung announced the Galaxy Nexus, the first phone intended specially for Android 4.0 (as well known as Ice Cream Sandwich) in mind. Ice cream Sandwich, of course, makes your way to other phones while it was made public in November. As such, we take a look at the most recent Google Android operating system.

    Ice cream Sandwich encloses lots of new features, but I have tinted 10 of the tastiest, ranging from wirelessly share the new widget management. Have a look at the features below a summary in the new operating system. What is your favorite?

    Face Unlock
    Is taking the home screen to open your phone growing a bit annoying? Ice Cream Sandwich's new Face Unlock feature beats a phone's camera so that users can log in by just looking at the handset. Don't be anxious, if you don't need to utilize your grill, you can at a standstill utilize a code number (or a drawing interface) to open the handset.

    Android Beam
    Ice Cream Sandwich leverages NFC technology which allows users split applications, websites, YouTube videos, and lots more by just tapping two Android 4.0 phones together, much like iOS's Bump It application.

    New Camera Capabilities
    Have you ever requisite to capture a photo with your phone, but mislaid the moment because of the comparatively extensive snap time? Ice Cream Sandwich aims to eradicate that with swift, several shot shooting which plays draw level with the newly came out Apple iOS 5. Android 4.0 as well packs a new filter-filled photo editor, and a chiefly cool sounding feature: an image rotator which spins the photo depends on where your eyes are looking.

    Widget Management
    Best feature which I like most. Ice Cream Sandwich provides you widget suppleness by letting you decide the size of displayed information on the home screens. Android 4.0 makes it effortless to place widgets on the desktop; you just push and hold the screen which unlocks a menu which discloses all of the widgets.

    New Contacts and Social Networking Features
    Ice Cream Sandwich's "People" rationalizes the way that contacts are presented. Contact information is picked from your social networking connections, in addition any extra tradition information which you'd like to yourself put. This data is presented on cards (alike to Windows Phone 7.5's tiles) which are modernized when the contact updates his or her social networking information.

    Data Management
    Bundled with Android 4.0 is a stock app which allows you organize network activity and view a precise appís data usage. What's the advantage of this? You can now set up cautions (for when you start to move toward certain data thresholds), and tough caps to shun an overage-fee pummeling.

    New User Interface
    Taking a cue from the Honeycomb tablet operating system, Ice Cream Sandwich sports a sleek innovative design which is more narrowly aligns the phone and slate OSes. Android 4.0 as well has a multitasking icon that calls up your newly utilized apps, and reduces the necessity for physical keys, as it features flexible software buttons.

    Does Apple iOS 5's Siri have voice control rivalry in Ice Cream Sandwich? Those ss to be seen, but Android 4.0ís live voice-to-speech features lets Smartphone users make e-mail, texts, and execute other functions just by speaking. This should (with any luck) make transcription and messaging a swifter, more streamlined situation.

    Simple Screenshots
    Android lastly lets you take screenshots devoid of requiring users to setup apps, drag hair, or gnash teeth. Anyone tell me, how is it done? Users (mainly hardworking Android app reviewers) will be glad regarding the operating systemís capability to capture a screenshot by parallel griping power and volume-down buttons.

    New Browser Functionality
    Android 4.0's Web browser has developed to narrowly match the desktop Chrome browser. Ice Cream Sandwich comprises Chrome sync (which keeps bookmarks synced between your handset and desktop browsers), a ďfull site" button (that allow users toggle between desktop and mobile views), tabs, and a novel undercover tab.

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    Re: Ice Cream Sandwich 10 Best Features

    Wow this is really great features. I am photo lover so i mostly prefer New Camera Capabilities and related to photo capture feature. And at the end thnx to share such a great info.

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