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Thread: Yahoo ID field is converting user ID to figures in yahoo messenger 11

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    Yahoo ID field is converting user ID to figures in yahoo messenger 11

    HI, I have recently seen that the newer version of yahoo messenger is causing problem with too many people’s concerning the yahoo ID field.

    In other words the Yahoo ID field is converting username to numeric values and people cannot sign in because of this. and for that I found the solution that you can apply.

    If figures come into view while you attempt to enter your Yahoo ID into Yahoo Messenger 11, at that time you have to check if a keystroke protection application is installed on your computer. Here's how to verify:

    1. On your keyboard, hold down the Windows + R key and this will opens the "Run" command in which you have to type “appwiz.cpl” and click “ok”.
    2. This opens "Add or Remove Programs," or "Programs and Features."

    3. Analysis the list of programs for a keystroke protection application.

    If initiate, try for the time being immobilizing or uninstalling this software and after that testing Yahoo Messenger. If you are capable to sign in subsequent to uninstalling or disabling the software i suggest consulting the software developer for additional defense.

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    Re: Yahoo ID field is converting user ID to figures in yahoo messenger 11

    If you did not find a keystroke protection application or any such related program on your computer please follows below mentioned steps:

    1. again open the "Run" command and type "msinfo32" and click OK.

    2. This opens "System Information." From where you can see the LOG files and off course save them as well.

    3. To save the log file, click the File menu and select Export.

    4. In the left column, click on Desktop type "Yahoo" in the File Name field and Click Save.

    5. on one occasion the progress bar is finished and vanished, close "System Information."

    6. Right-click the "Yahoo.txt" file and select "Send To", then pick "Compressed (zipped) Folder."

    subsequent to this, click on ‘Contact Yahoo” and fill up the form and remember to upload the zip file to the appropriate field that you have saved recently.

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