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Thread: contacts Not perceptible or Visible in YM 11 Chat

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    contacts Not perceptible or Visible in YM 11 Chat

    Hi, I have seen that with the newer version of yahoo messenger members are not able to seen or heard in chat or conferences. Thus I am mentioned some of the tips and tricks through this article which will make you enable each and everything to do which you are not able to do.

    This article speaks to microphone and speaker correlated problems with Yahoo Messenger 11. Some of the issues may comprise:

    • Voice Call

    • Video Call

    • Voice feature in chat rooms

    • Voice Conference

    You could take delivery of the following error messages as well (but not necessary):

    • "This computer does not support the required uncompressed audio format."

    • "The computer does not appear to have audio input capability, or it is not configured correctly."

    • "Not authorized to join the conference"

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    Re: contacts Not perceptible or Visible in YM 11 Chat

    for resolving the issue you have to carry out the following mentioned steps.
    Very first of all you have to download and install the following software updates.
    • Install the most recent version of Yahoo Messenger 11.

    • In addition to that download AC3 Filter. This is an audio codec.

    • And DirectX Runtime Web Installer.

    Run the Video and Voice Setup Assistant to examine your microphone and speakers.

    make sure your system volume is up,

    • Double-click the Speaker symbol in the noticing Area of your Windows Taskbar, situated at the bottom-right corner.

    • Click to apparent the Mute all check box if it is chosen.

    • Ensure that not any of the options have been put to silent, and that all levels are set above 60%.

    • Click and drag the Master Volume slider bar to the top.

    • There are several tactics on the Microsoft’s official website from there you can test whether you’d hardware is compatible enough to work with yahoo messenger 11.

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    Re: contacts Not perceptible or Visible in YM 11 Chat

    After following the steps outlined in the help article, if you are still having difficulty being seen or heard in a chat or conference, according to me at this moment you should try to contact Yahoo Customer Support. And if suppose you are getting error message then you can simply provide any error messages you are receiving.

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