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Thread: Adding scroll bars to images in excel sheet

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    Adding scroll bars to images in excel sheet

    Hi Guys,

    I need to insert a very big image(data containing image) in excel sheet, which cannot be viewed at in a single screen and I cannot go for decreasing the size of the picture because the data present in the picture may not be visible.
    So, I am planning to add scrollbars (horizontal and vertical) to the picture so that i can view the picture using them. And i need to keep the work sheet stationary to compare some of the data present in the work sheet with the data present in the image.

    Please help me how to insert scroll bars to the image in MS Excel 2007

    Thanks in anticipation....

    I need this very badly...

    please help...

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    Re: Adding scroll bars to images in excel sheet

    I am not aware with this but still while searching about this on internet I found the following link. I am not sure if it will help for image but you can try this steps with the image I think so go through it and then see if its work for you or not. I hope this will help you.

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